Show Current Lie for Live/Ghost Rivals

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« on: July 23, 2015, 12:59:16 AM »
Hello! Love the game so far, but I'm a bit disappointed at how hard it is to follow a live rival's shot-by-shot play unless you tee off after they do. So, I thought of a few ways to make it easier.

1) Show the rival's current lie as a small thumbnail-sized picture next to their gamertag/name and score. When I hit a perfect drive down the fairway, the picture can update and show me that my partner hit it in the sand off the tee. The lie pictures you currently have in the game may work!
2) After one makes a putt, have a "hide UI" option or (maybe) additional camera views of the current hole. This would allow us to watch our playing partner finish.
3) Reduce or eliminate the rival's shot delay. I'm new here, so I'm sure it has been mentioned often. There's no better feeling than teeing off at the same time and watching two golf balls go side by side.

I've tried following shots by bringing up the overhead map view and using the alternating shot mode, but neither is quite what I'd like. If there's other things in the game to help me let me know.