Incorporate a Tours Style Swing Concept Into TGC

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« on: July 24, 2015, 11:54:59 AM »
Let me say at the outset:

1.  I'm a huge fan of TGC and just want to see smart selective improvements, please resist telling me to play RM if I like RM;
2.  That this feature request can't be described with words . . . but must be experienced  . . . and the words I'm using below fall far short in properly describing the effect I experienced and want to see in TGC. 

Having said that:

I request that HB buy a copy of RM, if you haven't done so yet, and play the Tours Style Swing and incorporate that concept into TGC.  Specifically, the ability to swing off/axis, down right to upper left for example, and create a draw and to lesson or strengthen the shot length.   It really is quite natural and cool to be able to draw around a tree by changing the shape of the swing . . . just like is done in real golf.  No shot shaping needed as you can do it all with the swing.   You could still do the current shot shaping  when desired, which is now used in TGC by focusing on the shape pane which would override the Tour Style Swing.   So currently TGC penalizes you for off-axis shots whereas a Tours Style Swing does not penalize you but interprets your changed up swing to an appropriate shaped shot.

Add the option for players to edit club distance notes, so when I select 9 iron, my distance crib notes can be displayed.  Limit to 100 characters or so per club.  The notes should be saved server side for many obvious reasons.

Prior to my shot, during the club selection process, MY normal shot distance for each club would be displayed based on MY swing tempo. (Per Merace)

Here is a general description of the three swing styles (focus in this post is the Tour Style):

Here are the types of shots (duh) that could be programmed into the Tours Style Swing in TGC ...

FWIW, My family all enjoy TGC over RM by a wide margin, but there is always room for improvement.

Thanks for your consideration and the great golf game.
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