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« on: August 14, 2015, 10:06:35 AM »

And I guess that's how you get a topic locked down.  Ignore the original suggestion, bash the topic, throw in personal attacks and poof.  No one cares any more.

This is a good game.  Want to make it better than EA for good?!

1.  Forget the firmness/speed options in the course creator - Make it settable to the user who's creating the round or tournament.
2.  Make the course creator have 3 pin settings on all greens; easy/medium/hard.  - Again let the user set which pins to use in the round or tournament they create.

This makes one course play differently a ton of different ways depending on the chosen settings. 

This is so simple and so obvious how can you possible bash this idea?  I was under the impression when I got this game that the developers wanted to beat EA at their own game.  User created courses was a great idea.  Love it.  But impossible settings counteract that idea.  I am not knocking this game.  I like it immensely.  I WANT it to be everything EA can't be.  Please take this suggestion into serious consideration.  Unless, like EA, you got my money and ignore all the promises of making a great game based on user unput.


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« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2015, 11:07:01 AM »
I don't decide what goes into the game so I am only offering my own opinion.  Since people actually make the courses, they are designing them with their own vision of how they want the course to be played.  The Delta course I am building now has firm fairways but soft, receptive greens.  Because of that, I can tuck the pins a little more because the greens are soft and also because the fairways are firm, you will get more roll out off the tee, leaving shorter shots into greens.   If someone were to go in and change the firmness/speed, the course would play way different than I designed my course.  Quite frankly I think the course would suck in different conditions.

No one goes to their local course and changes the course conditions.  You play the course the way it was built.

Regarding wind, I don't believe that should be allowed to be set by the player either.   My feeling is random wind is the only way to go.   Allowing the player to set it will guarantee people in a tourney would play a regular round on the tourney course, match the winds up and map out exactly how to play the course.  I played 2 different courses last night and both rounds had wind under 5 mph.

Multiple pin locations would be cool.   The dev team has said due to the ghost ball system,  it's not as simple as just putting in the option for different pins.


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« Reply #2 on: August 14, 2015, 12:08:20 PM »
I still disagree about the designer not having the right to set a general direction and wind speed. And then allow for range of varying wind speed and direction.

Say for instance, on the west coast,  the winds tend to always come from the west, and winds around 5 to t0 MPH midday. There more common than not.

As for directions,  they can swing by as much directly out of the south, to directly out of the north, and extremely rare to have easterly winds.  But 90 % of the time you can count on a westerly wind @ 10mph, plus or minus 5mph.

Build a randomized wind pattern based off designed general setting.
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