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« on: December 01, 2015, 11:42:45 PM »
Directed to HB...read the post by Richard on this thread:  http://golfsimulatorforum.com/forum/foresight-sports/49294-gc2-and-tgc-a-good-fit-for-commercial-use

Richard does a great job of outlining two key deficiencies in TGC for simulators that will prevent it from being the leading software if the gaps are not addressed.  PG has these covered.  TGC needs to address them, unless you just want to pass on the simulator market long-term.  The two key things here are:

1. Multiple tee definitions in a single course file so each player can select a different set of tees
2. Offline course list

I posted on another thread my suggestion for #2.  Give an option to download any course to a local file.  When going to play a round, have a selection for whether to filter from online/server courses or local courses.  To make this feasible for commercial settings, have a setup option to restrict course searches to local courses only.  This part should be easy...I would hope it's possible for the march update.  I know #1 is a far bigger change.