Keyboard and Mouse Controls

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« on: June 09, 2014, 01:49:30 PM »
There have been several requests for a complete mapping of the Keyboard and Mouse controls in The Golf Club until we are able to have them all displayed in the game.  What is below is, what I believe, to be a comprehensive guide.  If you find anything missing, please send me a Private Message and I will see to it that it gets added.  Likewise, I will keep this updated as there are additions/changes.

Thank You.


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Main Menu:
- In the main menus, you can generally left-click on an icon (such as a B-button or a Y-button) to inact that function.
- Esc acts as a back button.
- Enter acts as the A-button, or Advance/Access

Customizing Your Golfer:
- When the Select Rules and Players screen appears, left-click on the Edit Player icon just below the displayed players to enter the customization page.
- Left-click on any of the icons on the screen to select and change them, including Change Golfer, Change to Left-Handed, or the various items of clothes.
- Left-click on the Back (B) button to save your choices and return to the Select Rules and Players screen.

Course Browser:
-Left-click on the LT or RT icons to change the Sort By criteria
-Left-click on the LB or RB icon to change the Filter criteria
-Left-click where it read “Search Text Here” to search by course name (the less you type the better, if you misspell something it won't be found).
-Move up and down the list of courses by moving the mouse or using the arrow keys.
-Select a course by pressing Enter, Left-click, or Right-Click

Course Creator:

When creating a new course, to adjust sliders, highlight the slider you wish to adjust and use the LMB/RMB to decrease and increase values respectively.

Main Menu:
P - Play Menu - Play from here, play hole, play course, basically to test your hole/course
L - Layout
G – Terrain
E – Appearance
C – Create/Add
Q - Save/Exit

Shortcuts to Edit Menus:
M – Ruturn to Main Menu
T - Theme
W - Create hole
B - Create bunker
N - Create green
O - Place objects

To move your view around the course:
- Press and hold mouse-wheel and move mouse to rotate screen
- Move mouse to the edges of the screen to move
- Scroll mouse-wheel up and down to zoom in and out; remember certain options and objects only are available if you have zooomed close enough.
-Press 'V' to switch cameras in real time, when setting up a shot. The cam will default back to your selected settings on the next shot.

Object editing/brushes
- Use left-click or Enter key to select brush
- Shift/Arrow keys or Shift/WASD to rotate or resize
- Shift + Up/Down – Increase/Decrease for example, if you place a bunker, you can increase or decrease its size.  - Press Spacebar (X button) to undo.
- Shift + Left/Right - Rotate object, rotate left, rotate right
- Raising and Lowering terrain - Push Shift and move the mouse wheel up and down.
- Press escape to move back a level in the menu


To use keyboard/mouse to play, go to Settings < Controls, and change Default Controller to KB/Mouse, and reload the level. (You can continue from a previous game)

Tee and approach shots:

- Adjust aim with A & D, or by holding mouse right button while moving the mouse left / right.
- Club change with Z & X.
-Quick Select clubs by pressing the keys between ~ and = (including the numbers)
- C to toggle mode presets. (Normal, flop, chip etc)
- Adjust stance (change loft and fade/draw) by holding left shift while doing the above (Keyboard WASD, or holding mouse right button while moving mouse) -- No effect while putting.
- Toggle to/from the Hole Overview Camera (B Button) by pressing E, and Q would toggle to/from the Scout Camera (Y button).  While in Scout camera view, scrolling the mouse wheel up or down will zoom in or out and holding the Right Mouse Button and moving the mouse will move the camera around.  1 returns to main camera view.
- Swing, Hold mouse left button, mouse down, and then up to a point beyond where you started.  (Hold left button until swing is well under way.)
- ESC to reach pause menu
- Use mouse and LMB to navigate pause menu or arrow keys
-Press 'V' to switch cameras in real time, when setting up a shot. The cam will default back to your selected settings on the next shot.


- Move putting aiming marker with W & S, or by holding mouse right button while moving the mouse up/down.
- As with tee and approach shots, pressing Q will give you the Scout Camera (Y Button).  Pressing E will give you the Putting Camera (B Button).  While in the Putting Camera view you can move the camera around (including above the golfer) by holding down the Right Mouse Button and moving the mouse.  When you release the RMB, the camera will stay where it is.  You may then swing using the traditional swing mechanic of holding the LMB and pulling the mouse back and forward.  To return to the regular camera view, either press 2 again, or press the 1 button.
- ESC to reach pause menu
- Use mouse and LMB to navigate pause menu or arrow keys
-Press 'V' to switch cameras in real time, when setting up a shot. The cam will default back to your selected settings on the next shot.

Taking Screenshots:

There is a screenshot tool in the game that was designed for our use only, but was accidentally left in on our first beta release.  People liked it so we have left it there.  Someday we will tidy it up, but as it was never initially intended for public use, it is sort of an 'as-is' thing for now.  That being said, it can take some beautiful shots.

F12 should open the screenshot tool to take images of your course (we know this is the default Steam screenshot button, so you will have to remap in Steam or you will take a screenshot every time you open the tool).  This tool allows you to tailor focal length, blur, etc. Pressing Enter (A button) will take the shot (if you use your Steam screnshot key the image will contain the tool's overlay).  If you take the picture with the Enter key (or A button on the controller) the image will be saved to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\TheGolfClub and will ignore the tool overlay.  There is no audible sound to let you know the shot was taken. 

To exit the screenshot tool press Esc twice, then press F12 again.
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« Reply #2 on: September 22, 2015, 11:41:08 PM »

From HB MattL:

Another update guys. So we have just pushed Live some tweaks to the backswing for PC Mouse. Including adjustments to the chip.

To confirm, yes 800 DPI is our standard and is one of the most commonly used settings among consumers. So it is somewhat of a yardstick for us when balancing gameplay across several different spec machines.

We have tested these gameplay changes with many different mouse DPI settings. We recommend playing TGC with a mouse DPI setting in the range of 800-2000 DPI. And this is with windows mouse Pointer Speed set to default (middle notch - default) and Enhanced pointer precision left ON (default).

As your DPI gets higher, as many of you know already, there is the increased need to lower the Mouse Sensitivity in TGC's settings via the pause menu to offset the increased sensitivity of the higher DPI.

@ 800 DPI the default setting of 49 was just about spot on.
@ 1200 DPI the sensitivity setting was good at about ~35.
@ 1600 DPI the sensitivity setting was good at about ~30.
@ 2000 DPI the sensitivity setting was good at about ~15-20.

You will find of course you may need to tune your sensitivity setting to your own tastes as different mouse models may give marginally different results even when at same DPI setting.

As mouse DPI gets higher into the 2000s and 3000s, TGC's sensitivity setting you will find is not enough to offset the increased sensitivity introduced by playing with a mouse set at these much higher DPI's. Hence you may need to also decrease the windows mouse Pointer Speed via Control Panel.

Here is an example...

@ 3600 DPI, with windows mouse Pointer Speed set to 1st notch (slow), and TGC's in-game mouse sensitivity setting at ~8. This feels just about right.

However, as you set your mouse to higher DPI's beyond this, it becomes increasingly more difficult to manage a fluid swing rhythm as the sensitivity is so high.

What occurs is that as the mouse DPI gets higher and higher, not only does the backswing get hyper-sensitive but you are also having to compensate for the increased sensitivity by needing to accelerate your forward swing faster and faster. Lowering the TGC in-game sensitivity setting also has a similar affect as it reduces the overall sensitivity of the swing mechanic (back and forward) and hence requires you to swing forward slightly faster the more its reduced, (sometimes you won't even notice this)  but the more drastic a change to DPI or sensitivity setting this becomes more apparent.

So all in all, for optimal gameplay experience we recommend keeping your mouse DPI setting where possible to lower limits if you are experiencing issues with over-sensitivity of the mouse when taking your swings in TGC. And/Or experimenting with a combination of adjustments to lower your windows mouse Pointer Speed and lowering the TGC in-game sensitivity setting, until you find what is right for you.

All up we hope we have reached an improved balance for all PC mouse users regardless of their machine specs and mouse hardware with the latest adjustments to the Mouse swing mechanics. But please keep in mind the recommendations on mouse settings and make adjustments to optimize your gameplay experience.



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« Reply #3 on: September 23, 2015, 05:44:40 PM »
Given the way we have now balanced things, if you happen to have a 400 DPI mouse, you will likely find you might need to increase the mouse sensitivity above 49 in the TGC settings. You can still play ok without adjusting it, but likely you will be finding that you are having to bring your backward motion back a little further than feels normal, and you feel you are having to really accelerate a good amount quicker on your forward follow through motion.

Again, everyone's 'mousing' techniques are different, and mouse models differs, so if you have an old-school 400 DPI mouse (or worse?) then its just a matter of adjusting your in-game mouse sensitivity setting to a be bit higher, until you find something you are comfortable with. (If you really feel the need you can also adjust your windows Pointer Speed too).

Just wanted to put that out there, because if you have an older, very low DPI mouse, this could well be the reason for it being tougher to hit 100% shots.