1-inch putt glitch

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« on: May 25, 2016, 07:15:04 PM »
HB, what is the latest on the resolution of the 1-inch putt glitch?  My latest experiences, just this week, are:

1. Quit in R2 of a 4 round tournament on the 5th green.  When I resumed about 30 min later, I was placed in R1, 18th green, with a 1-inch putt.  I immediately quit, resumed about 24 hours later (after shutting down the PS4) and was BACK in R2 on the 5th green.

2. Quit a tournament, changed my avatar's outfit, went back and was placed on the 18th green of the previous round, with a 1-inch putt.  I immediately quit, went offline, then went back online and resumed the tournament (all this within a minute or so) and was put back on the proper hole.

HB, is the reason you don't fix the 1-inch putt glitch because you can't figure out the cause?  Do you have anyone working on it? It is one of the WORST bugs to experience, since it leads to loss of played holes in tournaments.


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