Spring 2017 release date - pre order available per Maximum games

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All Xbox one consoles are playing together for this.  It's only a different console for higher graphics just like the Xbox one s offers 4k blue ray and some upscaling but it's still an Xbox one and all play together

So the game is the game
It's not a Scorpio game and then Xbox one and Xbox one s.  It's an Xbox one game.

The Scorpio can offer more graphically and performance wise.  That's it all else in terms of gameplay is the same game

Okay, I did have a misunderstanding as I thought there would be Scorpio exclusive games.  I went back and did some more reading on it and now I know better how it will work.  I do think that games that really want to take advantage of the Scorpio's higher resolution graphics capabilities would at least have to have native resolution capabilities of 2160p, for a Scorpio to have the source material necessary to run it in true 4K?

For example, if you were to load the current XBox One version of TGC 1 into a Scorpio, it should boost the frame rates considerably, since you can unlock the VSync in the game's settings.  OTOH, the Scorpio is only going to have 900p source material to work with.  It might look slightly better upscaled to 4K on the Scorpio, but it's still going to be a far cry from what native 2160p would look like on the same 4K display.

The texture filtering settings I'm not so sure about.  The Digital Foundry article I read stated that the Scorpio will do 16X Anisotropic filtering, whereas the XBox One is limited to 4X AF.  In theory, the Scorpio should bump TGC 1's texturing quality 4 fold, provided the game isn't somehow capped to prohibit it?

You know it makes me curious.....on TGC

What if the texture files are actually 1080p or 1440p like PC?

Wouldn't that be a trip if the Scorpio played TGC at 1440p and 30 FPS with no update

It's how I understand it tho.....I think ppl are confusing the Xbox one resolution in terms of what the content maple can produce and not thinking about what the actual game files are....like maybe all the issues are when developers have higher textures cause it's on PC and a port to console so the downsampling or what not is due to lack of performance only

PS4 is 1080p so makes sense to me and PS4 Pro plays the 1080p stuff very well but the Scorpio isn't like the PS4 pro cause it's designed to play off what's there vs requiring separate stuff

(I can think positively right)
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