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« on: October 01, 2014, 12:50:16 PM »
Hi everyone - in a continued attempt to keep you as informed as possible, I have created a list of requested features/objects below.  This list does not contain every single request, but it has the lion's share of the most common.  Please understand that the items on this list, and their place of importance, can change at any time.  This list is not meant to represent a commitment to an implementation schedule, or even implementation itself.  It is to let you know of what requests we are aware and where they currently fall in the hierarchy of development plans.  Currently we have scheduled out through four (4) content updates which are planned to be released roughly every 6-8 weeks starting in Mid-October.  So as you can surmise, this would take us through about Mid-March.  That does not mean we are stopping there, just that is what is scheduled out right now.

I will update this list every week, or so, with new items. 

Implementation Status Legend
ScheduledAlready planned for an update, but not locked in to a specific one.
Low Priority,Med Priority,High PriorityNot planned for a specific update, but something we want to do. The higher the priority, the sooner it will likely get done.
Update 1,Update 2,Update 3,Update 4     Locked in to a specific update.
InvestigatingWe are aware of this and are, or will be, looking in to the possibility of doing this.
Not PlannedWe have investigated this and have chosen not to implement it.

Requested Feature/ContentImplementation Status
Menu Navigation/UI
The ability to save favorite shotsHigh Priority
Ability to publish shot replaysHigh Priority
Ability to search by DesignerLow Priority
Ability to select 'More Designer' after a round, not just beforeLow Priority
Option for larger text on hole data for eyesight issuesLow Priority
Lots of requests for larger text on consoleHigh Priority
Bigger fonts and better color gradient on the greenHigh Priority
Wind displayed in course info screen before entering courseMed Priority
Ability to remove HUD for screenshots on consoleLow Priority
Ability to "Delete All" in the message centerLow Priority
Ability to turn off social notifiactions in the main screenLow Priority
Ability to access course info from on the courseLow Priority
Add fairway conditions (speed) to course info before launching a courseMed Priority
Vibrations on mi****s, pure swings, bunkers, etc..Low Priority
Ability to remove pre-shot elevationLow Priority
Squares/circles on scorecardsLow Priority
Indicator of the ball lie at feetLow Priority
Remove HUD for screenshots on consolesLow Priority
Indicator in the browser of courses and Tournamants playedHigh Priority
Remove white flag markerLow Priority
Option to turn off hole fly-bysLow Priority
Option to turn off pre-shot camera panNot Planned
Green grids that cover the whole green for all graphics qualities.(PC)Done
Ability to remove flagstick on short approach shots and chipsNot Planned
Ability to play front and back nine seperatelyNot Planned
Ability to change the clubs in one's bagInvestigating
Ability to aim and change club during scout cam viewNot Planned
Ability to fast-forward your shot after hitting itNot Planned
The ability to choose weather pre-round (if weather is added)Not Planned
The ability to control wind pre-roundNot Planned
Practice SwingInvestigating
3-click swingNot Planned
"Quick-flip" button (180 degree) when puttingNot Planned
Motion ControlsNot Planned
Ability to move ball left and right within tee markers before shotLow Priority
Make it so hole dosn't disappear behind golfer after puttMed Priority
Single-click to initiate swing with mouse instead of holdLow Priority
Ability to quick toggle green grid in-gameLow Priority
Tours and Tournaments
Ability to do different pin placements for different tourney daysScheduled
Show all course info (conditions) for each course in a Tour/TournamentScheduled
Driving range, chipping green, putting greenScheduled
Ability to see which frinds played in "Friend's Played" TournamentsLow Priority
Remove ghosts from competitions as it gives a sort of previewMed Priority
Receive message when timed tournaments end, including how you finishedHigh Priority
Add ability to rate and favorite courses when playing a Tour/TournamentLow Priority
Invitation only tournaments, or tournaments that require making the cutScheduled
"My Playing" for Tours/Torunaments not yet finished.Scheduled
Ability to see those shooting same scores as you in Tours/TourneyScheduled
Publish tournament at a set date/time.Low Priority
Publishing a tournament across all systems.Investigating
Ability to start on Hole 1 or Hole 10Not Planned
Greg Norman Course Desinger
Ability to have people test courses before publishing (other than the designer)Investigating
Elevation Tool for GNCDMed Priority
Multi-select objects to move themLow Priority
"Save As" in GNCDMed Priority
Cross-platform stats for course creatorInvestigating
Ability to adjust wind in course creator for testing purposesHigh Priority
Easier Bridge BuildingScheduled
Ability to use bridges anywhere (like over ravines)High Priority
Ability to size bridgesLow Priority
Ability to rotate treesNot Planned
Have game auto add light/heavy rough with brushesMed Priority
Ability to assign keyboard controls in GNCD on PCNot Planned
Grid Coordinates in the GNCDNot Planned
Water on multiple levelsInvestigating
Bushes and Grass sliderNot Planned
Clear Everything brush - not just generated itemsMed Priority
More robust eraser in th GNCDNot Planned
Add a 'Re-do' button to counter an accidental undoNot Planned
Width slider for fairway brushes Not Planned
Remove fairway optionNot Planned
Improved precision with analog stick movements in GNCDLow Priority
Copy and paste brush in the GNCDNot Planned
Ability to 'flatten' layers to act as one layer/objectMed Priority
Ability to control how reflective water is.Not Planned
Ability to control flatness of added fairwayLow Priority
Ability to set water/trees/hills to zero, not just MinimalMed Priority
Ability to create course logos and place them on flagsMed Priority
Longer Grass for Links ThemeMed Priority
Ability to stack objectsNot Planned
Different fairway, rough textures (mowing patterns)Med Priority
More waypoints (even with fairway brushes)Not Planned
Have fairway brushes auto add light/heavy roughMed Priority
Rougher edges on rough/fairway, longer grass, etc.Not Planned
Ability to disable call-outs in GNCD
Ability to import topographical data from Google Earth (or similar)Investigating
Removal of backgrounds in themesDone
Ability to specify drop zonesInvestigating
Have zero hills be totally flatInvestigating
Option to have less manicured transitions from fairway to rough, etc.Not Planned
Have Orientation, Inclination, Time slider divided into sections as is with mouseLow Priority
Ability to have totally flat plot - no bumps, no objects at allLow Priority
Slider for cloud coverage - from blue sky to very cloudyNot Planned
Add names or numbers for all brushes so can be discussed easilyNot Planned
Ability to decrease distance between tee markersNot Planned
Add Tee Box Shape, Size, texture to Layout menuLow Priority
Add Undulation slider to Fairway in Layout menuLow Priority
Ability to set entire plot height, relative to water table, prior to course generationMed Priority
Abilty to make shear elevation changes (90 degrees)Not Planned
Toggle off shadows and lighting in GNCD to more easily sculpt greensLow Priority
Ability to write short course description to see in game.Low Priority
Ability to change color of sunlight to create more colorful sunrise/sunsetNot Planned
Remove, or ability to toggle off, message bar in GNCDLow Priority
GNCD Objects/Items
Different color sand for bunkers   High Priority
New themesDone and Ongoing
Old-style buildings and golf clothing/clubsScheduled
Additional tee boxesHigh Priority
Sizable concrete base to place buildings on.Not Planned
Galleries and Grandstands for TournamentsNot Planned
True Pot Bunkers/stepped bunkersInvestigating
Per course/per hole statistics (longest drive/putt, best score, etc)Scheduled
Ability to delete published coursesNot Planned
Ability to make unwanted courses 'inactive' and, therefore, hide themInvestigating
Ability to log-in different accounts in Local co-opInvestigating
Ability to use different swings in local co-op (left-stick)Investigating
Website to search for coursesInvestigating
Spectate mode   Not Planned
Ability to watch friends play in TBMP while waiting for them to catch upLow Priority
Ability to play TBMP with local tooLow Priority
Ability to skip turn in local co-opNot Planned
Cloud save unpub courses on PC so they can be worked on in diff locations/computers   Not Planned
Mac version of the gameInvestigating
Linux version of the gameInvestigating
In-game text chat/voice chatNot Planned
Multiplayer lobbyScheduled
Rivals match players skillScheduled
Ability to re-map keys use with keyboard on PC.Investigating
Matchplay and 4-ball modes for onlineScheduled
Ability to watch a replay of a whole round without playingNot Planned
Indication that a course has been played in the course browser.Med Priority
Unpublished show in online modeHigh Priority
Different Swing AnimationsNot Planned
More/Varied animations after a shot and after sinking a puttNot Planned
Ability to manually replay fly-byLow Priority
Enable the ability to work with Crossfire/SLILow Priority
Have Turn Based toggle stay at selectedLow Priority
Ability to see your rivals shot (TBMP) from your perspective.Not Planned
Driving Range and putting greenHigh Priority
Ability to remove leaderboard to watch friend putt outMed Priority
Full, scroll-able leaderbords at the end of rounds and competitionsMed Priority
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