Developer Suggestion for Xbox One - use gamer created tournaments in Xbox Clubs

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« on: June 01, 2017, 11:18:55 AM »
So while I understand and like the club design for this new game, Is like to ask the developers to further extend any possibilities towards the Xbox Gamer-CreatedTournaments feature under what's referred to as Arena on Xbox Live. 

This involves the Xbox clubs and so while HBS has really done an awesome job, I believe there is the opportunity to really stand out in a meaningful way as this game technically aligns extremely well for these features.

Perhaps if so desired by the developers, the Xbox one game can somehow offer Xbox play anywhere in terms of clubs and tournaments (If it's the developer desire as this would exclude Steam players sadly) but offers PC and Xbox one cross play which seems some would like.

I just recall all the work others put into TGC1 tournaments like TGC Tours.  Ideally you'd want to create a more visible tournament availability for folks and while I haven't played the Xbox one version, it would seem that if the existing large Golf Club page were used, folks could simple use the Xbox one social features that enable quick searches for tournaments.

Gamer-Created Tournaments come to Arena on Xbox Live
Also launching to your Xbox One, are the first ever gamer-created tournaments through Arena for Killer Instinct. You will be able to create tournaments for your Xbox Live Club in the Xbox app on Windows 10 PCs.

Simply go to a Club page for a Club in which you are an owner or admin (or create a Club just for your tournaments!) and navigate to the ‘Tournaments’ tab. There you’ll see an option to create a tournament – set the date and time, tweak settings, and enter a description – and a few clicks later you have your very own tournament scheduled! Be sure to advertise your tournament to your Club’s Activity Feed to recruit players and hope you can stay friends even after you take first place.
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