KFG Tour Looking for more players who are dedicated and competitive

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« on: February 05, 2017, 01:04:00 PM »
Each week there are 4 events with Strokeplay and Stableford and all for points to build your way up the standings ladder. These points help in seeding the players for Match-Play and special events that frequently happen.

 If you're interested in joining and play by the rules (no chipping, flopping or pitching on greens), just send a Friend Request to WRETCHED6170. Only serious people and inquires only. Events are all private (with exception to TeeToGreens events) and you must join KFG Community as well as be on the Friends List to unlock.

 KFG Tour is one of the very few leagues that has a unique points system that is rewarding as well as keeps things competitive.  Standings are updated weekly and KFG Tour utilizes two websites, Facebook and various other areas of keeping everyone up-to-date. Hope to hear from you and thanks for reading.

 KFG Tour has one goal in mind; concentrating on new courses, betas and those who have the desire to create but haven't gotten any traction from any sites or communities. Everyone's input is always welcome. My gamer tag on PS4 to join the KFG Tour community there (private club) is : WRETCHED6170

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Chichester Expanse
Serenade Valley GCC
Paladin Reef GC
Solaris Trace Golf Club
Windermere Cove
Saxonvale Pointe (3)
TSO's Wizards of Winter
Waterscape Lodge & CC
Trinitarian (Par 3 + 1)
Eagles Pass Country Club
Scarlet Island GC
The Glen @ Rochelle Arbor
LaCroix Hollow GC