putts suddenly jumping off putter blade sideways

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Hugh Jass Koda

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« Reply #15 on: February 16, 2017, 07:28:06 PM »
That is weird as the first shot your avatar moves to aim left of the hole and the second shot it moves definitively aiming to the right.

That actually isn't a "second shot".  That is the replay of the first and only shot where I definitively aimed left.  That's the whole gist of this bug!  You see me aim left and I'm telling you that I swung straight.  But, the game gave me what you see on the replay.

I'll add one last point to hopefully validate this.  How about that "hole in one" you make but the replay showed the ball miss?  How about when your playing a friend and you see him miss a putt to find out he actually made it?  Or, you dropped a monster putt but your friends saw you missed it so your left celebrating alone?  Happens all the time right?  How can those situations be accepted as "real" but this glitch somehow isn't real, it's me or my equipment?

The glitch is real.  It's a glitch in the game.  You see in the video how I played the shot.  I know for a fact that I played that "4 foot putt" without screwing up like the replay showed as if I did!  You see I turned left but the replay shows I turned right! Again, you see me turn left!  You see how far I pulled the putter back but the replay shows I hit it 2 or 3 times as hard.  Again you see how far I pulled the putter back yet the replay shows as if I hit it twice as hard!  You said yourself Dusty Roads that you hit 216 putts and couldn't do what the video shows yet somehow I pulled it off?  Not only that but starting just recently I "pull it off" several times per round sometimes too!  Now, I'm not the smartest man on earth but common sense tells me something up with that.  Could it be a glitch like I suggest it is?  Could it be a glitch similar to the same glitch we see in nearly EVERY game we play with others where we all see results that are different than what the player did?  Come on man, this isn't difficult it grasp here.

My concern is this,  We all know the game has a few corks in it.  We all know you see things differently than what really happened a lot of times.  Here I report a glitch that has happened more recently.  It got discounted and wrote off as "player error".  Therefore, since it won't even be looked into and possibly corrected it will most likely still exist in TGC2 as well.

Take it or leave it.  I did what I thought was right by bringing this to HB's attention.  I will leave that up to others to do then from here on.
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« Reply #16 on: February 16, 2017, 09:40:40 PM »
It is not discounted like you say.  We need to find out as much as possible as to what happens.  The devs cannot go on a wild goose chase hoping it might happen.  Like I mentioned, I have never seen that.   The devs will need to find a way to repeat it in order to figure out why it hapens.

The best bug reporting explains exactly what happens and the exact steps taken to make it happen.

If I send a message to the devs that just says xyz happened.  They will come back to me with all sorts of questions as to how it happens, is it repeatable, does it happen only in specific situations, etc.

Just today I noticed something odd but didn't explain it well enough.  First message I got back were questions on exactly what happens and how.

Your feedback is invaluable so please keep providing it.

Dusty Roads

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« Reply #17 on: February 16, 2017, 11:23:13 PM »
Hugh Jass, I know the "2nd" shot is a replay but it is a mirror image of what transpired in the "1st" vid except the ball goes in the same direction.

I'm curious to know if it happened since then as i have been trying my dangdest to replicate and just can't get it to do what i see.