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« on: June 27, 2017, 10:41:02 AM »
hello, im a log time console golfer, and let me say I'm very pleased so far.. I'm currently at handicap +5. I've played some really tough courses and some fairly easy ones just going down the official course list..

some of my concerns are with the tempo, as with older golf games, tempo kind of sucks.. its all on me tho, I just can't figure it out.. slow perfect is very common for me.

some minor bugs like getting kicked mid round but the resume feature was always one of the aspects of tgc I loved.

I turned off two graphic features to reduce lag, I'm sure its just because the game is new and HB will get that sorted out.

the new chipping will take some getting use to.. just when I had tgc 1 chipping figured out.. I like it tho, added distance to chips is a plus Imo, no more half flops from 16 yards...

I don't understand the feature where you can add 4 guest, I think thats strictly for off line multiplayer tho..

no lobby really hurts, I understand no matchmaking but a lobby where ppl can chat it up would be a nice feature and allow randoms to hook up without having to sift through forums and societies..

the best way is to start a round and have a friend join you on his own, the invite feature is not the best..

societies need to allow other members to be admin, not just one president.. it will allow a trusted member to help with set up..

hairs styles are lacking, beards as well, other than that customization is great.. I'm a bearded man...

copy and paste commentary from tgc 1 is terrible and looks lazy.. I personally turn it off but I know some of my friends like it..

some of my praises are,

putting feels great Imo, the new loft/fade/draw mechanics are fantastic, no more counting squares to be perfect, gives the game a more realistic feel..

game looks fine, as I said I turn off some graphic features to reduce lag..

I love having control of the tee's and pins..

the crowds are a nice touch..

the range was desperately needed, thanks...

absolutely love the post round stats, its a little buggy right now with wrong stats but I'm sure that will get fixed..

I got 7 hours in and this was my short review..

I play on xbox one my name is flamingoboot76 i have a 4 ball partner, lets play 4 ball..

HB you guys rock.. keep up the good work...