Club set constantly changing

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« on: July 17, 2017, 02:49:19 PM »
OK, i know a bunch of designers still having problems with editing and saving courses. on that i've had zero-ziich problems. i know a couple guys having putter problems. one says a putt almost seems like a chip, the other says a gentle, easy stroke seems to take off at warp speed on him. again, i can report zero-zilch problems like that, in fact find putting the same as TGC1.

but what's going on with the the club sets? i'll choose (pick one) Standard, Player, or Tour, it doesnt matter. soon into a round it will change to another, a real bummer if you didnt notice it.  it might change the next hole, it might even go back, or even to one of the others. now i'm noticing it might change within a single hole. imagine hitting a Player Driver out to 260 or so, then you have a Tour Iron or Wedge for approach, goes 9 ways til Tuesday. and i'm not even sure the tempo/timing/shot shapng is even matching what you have in hand.

i've tried everything...deleted/redownloaded-installing...deleting profile, redownload from PS4 Plus save. i even redownloaded and reinstalled TGC1 to see if it helped.  NADA!!!!!

this has gone from frustrating to infuriating, and better get fixed or patched, otherwise i'm going to join the ranks of those demanding refunds. the only thing i'm happy about so far is that it was a 40.00 preorder, not a 60.00 or more.