The course of St George

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« on: July 22, 2017, 03:18:14 PM »
This is a course used on. tournament and I'm going to publish it on tgc2.Following is the review it received on the website.

Member Reviews:

Another terrific course from Mick Pitcher,incredible detail,jaw dropping graphics and although top players will shoot very low scores its a fantastic course and extremely enjoyable to play.
Reviewed by: Gary Stock on 11/8/2015
The course of St George is perhaps a little rough around the edges in places (no pun intended) but the little touches, like the English flag made from flowers, makes up for it. The hole design is also pretty good meaning that overall it makes for an enjoyable and fair round.
Reviewed by: Dean Lowdon on 11/13/2015
If you have played any of Mick's courses, you know that he is never lacking for creativity. It is certainly present in this course, with the multi-colored trees, criss-crossing holes, and plenty of eye candy surrounding each hole. I love the wide fairways here. After the few holes that cross paths and err a bit on the fantasy side, the course really settles in to a very playable and realistic course. The soft and slow greens make for an easy course, but can definitely throw you off for part of the round if you are used to fast greens. There are a couple of long forced carries to the green, such as on the first hole, which I am never a fan of, but thankfully the soft greens make them playable here. The 11th green maybe goes a little too far and could be softened a bit, but otherwise it's a more than fair round. The overly easy par 5's will contribute to some very low rounds, but a good mix of holes otherwise, and a nice course.
Reviewed by: Craig LeVasseur on 2/2/2016
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