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« Reply #45 on: November 09, 2017, 12:18:23 PM »
Then they got big

... hardly         

I was referring to how TGC1 was put out on their own, then Maximum Games came along and published TGC2.
The flow of information halted and the attitude changed nearly instantaneously.
It was much like countless movies/tv shows where character starts out small, is everyone's friend and the local hero, then meets the glitz/glamour of Hollywood and forgets where they came from.

Not trying to call TGC2 glitzy/glamourous, but the environment changed before this game came out, I'd point to Maximum Games for that. And yes, the devs still interact, but countless people here have said the interaction is different.
Lots of versions due to refurbishments.
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« Reply #46 on: November 09, 2017, 01:00:30 PM »
but the environment changed before this game came out

To continue to grow and prosper they made the executive decision to go with a publisher which most mainstream games have these days
I think we can sleep safely in our beds knowing they wont morph into the monster known as EA

We all want more interaction with the devs but there has been a turnaround of staff lately ... notably A.Kyne flying the nest , so the dynamics of the company has changed

If TGC 3 is going to be a reality ... we have to keep supporting them, whatever misgivings we might feel 


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« Reply #47 on: November 11, 2017, 10:13:22 AM »
I don't want to hate tgc2. I want to love it for all that it is / could be.   I agree with John Eric the online would be much better with a lobby and the ability to invite friends.   My friend keeps telling me the game isn't as smooth online multi as solo.   If that's thru that's a tough fix I would guess and would explain why I have little problem with challenge as I play solo a lot.   But how would you fix one without effecting the other?   
  Anyway we'll see how this golf industry goes. I think the market is open for someone to step in or up.   Maybe EA returns , maybe HB adds to this game and gets settings / modes acceptable to all and pp. Gets something done next year.  Somethings got to give.... I hope. I love golf games
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« Reply #48 on: November 11, 2017, 12:37:02 PM »
If I'm being honest,  most of my friends whom quit playing tgc2,  did so for the same reason and that is the horrid multiplayer experience.  I can imagine if 6 or 7 of my friends totally quit playing I wonder how many are either turned off or quit as well that are part of the masses?   I didn't quit playing because of the swing,  the graphics,  ETC...  In fact,  I love the game play and still maintain it's one of the best games out there in that regard,  but the multiplayer experience frustrates me to the point that I can't put up with it...
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