The Open Society 2.0 (Season 3, New Courses, H/C Settings ON)

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  • "The Open Society 2.0" on TGC 2 & TGC 2019
« on: February 18, 2018, 09:54:46 PM »
The Open Society 2.0 is a Level 10 TGC2 Society now in our 3rd Full season and we are still running 2 round 2 day tournaments, 4 round 4 day (PGA's & Majors) and 1 round 1 day (Special) Events. We play MOSTLY H/C Rated Courses (with H/C Setting ON) and we have approximately 120 members, including many "Senior" players (50+). We are currently using +12 as the maximum H/C so all members have a chance to compete and enjoy the game. We also manage a Private Xbox One Club for our Society members named "The Open Society TGC2 Golf Club". Society Members can request membership (or will be invited by an admin) after joining our Society. Also, we plan to keep scheduling events until the release of TGC 2019 so feel free to join us, ask any questions here or contact us via the Xbox messaging service if interested. My G/T is "METHUZELAH"
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