All friends showing as "Online" in game when I know they are actually "Playing"

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Hugh Jass Koda

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« on: March 07, 2018, 12:43:52 AM »
This just started happening about a week ago for me.  When I'm in game I see the notification message whenever a friend begins a round so the notifications are working.  But, when I go into my profile, then into the multiplayer icon, then click the line on the top left side that shows all my friends currently in game, all I see is all me friends only show as "Online" now.  No one shows as "Playing" anymore so I can't ever join them or see them actually playing because as far as the games goes they aren't actually playing.

Can people check this out please and see if your seeing the same thing.  Remember, you will see the notification windows showing a friend started playing a round somewhere (unless you turned notifications off) but if you check there status in game you won't see them "Playing" just that they are "Online".

Please post here your findings.  Thanks,

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