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Jasper Parrsons

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« on: April 14, 2018, 10:22:03 PM »
Hello hb and members

I purchased The Golf Club 2 on Steam last week and played the game.  I have to say TGC2 is an incredible golf game.  It has wonderful graphics and carefully planed out courses.  The game is geared toward the real simulator type play and has done a great job.  I do have one very important complaint ,  Controller or Gamepad play is a bit tricky.  And controls that suck make the game sales FLOP. FLOP. FLOP  Are you reading this>>>>>>>>>>>FLOP

Yes I opened a brand new Xbox PC Controller just incase the sticks where warn out and even ordered a GameSir Controller and they all could not hit a put worth a Darn.  Also when driving a golf ball the shots where less than desirable.  Please can you fix this problem.  If you do you might have a golf game that would sell very well.  Thank You Jasper