A possible fix for Career Mode A.I. scoring in TGC2?

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« on: August 19, 2018, 10:08:18 AM »
It goes without saying that a few of us have tried playing career mode and have stopped midway thru due to A.I. scoring... I've been experimenting with my career this week and noticed that the A.I. scoring works well when the course handicap is around 65 to 72. So is there a way that TGC can add an option to set the course handicap, on all courses, before starting a career tournament?  I know those guys are focused on TGC19 but hopefully its something they can look into. At this point the only way to get that tournament feel with TGC2 is to play over at TGCTours but I fear that once TGC19 is released, TGCTours will move to hosting tournaments in TGC19. I would still like to play TGC2 but without a improved Career mode, I probably wont.....The attached screenshot is my Career Leaderboard after the 2nd round, playing Wintergreen Golf Club by Articfury85 - Course handicap 65.3
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TGC2 is a dead horse at this point and the chances of an update due to linkage to Maximum games is about zero. Time to say your goodbyes and move on if you are looking for any changes. I do hope that TGC2019 will be updated as needed instead of being locked like TGC2.


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« Reply #2 on: August 20, 2018, 08:14:02 AM »
-19 under after two rounds?!!  That doesn't sound particularly realistic to me.

But I guess each player will need AI scoring that fits in competitively with how they score themselves.  If you're regularly hitting -19 after two rounds you're going to need AI that can do the same. 

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