Up-/Downhill slopes at the balls spot.

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« on: May 18, 2014, 12:23:01 PM »

ATM (V0.51) all balls played behave like played from spots with only sidehill slopes or flat.

The sidehill components behavior of the ball (dropping out of the vertikal plane) is absolutely correct [size=78%] :) [/size][size=78%].[/size] Appart that tiny slopes (less then about 5°) can be compensated by the grip and dont need any aim correction.

Up-/downhill components are completely missing (no clue if this is a but, or a coming soon). All balls behave like played off flat terains. Easiest and very realistic model here: Add the slops up/downhill loft to the loft of the club. Example: hitting a neutral 7i and the ball is on a slope with 10° uphill component, you will get the same balls flight as if you hit a 9i from a flat spot.

There is a VERY common players mistake behind this szenario. Most amateurs (and many pros as well) allways stand vertikal (in the gravityline). What you should do is standing at the vertical (right angle) to the ground. This will make your clubhead coming thru the ball paralell to the terain at impact avoiding fat hits and topped balls. In the above example your 7i's clubhad will hit the ball on a 10° uphill path allready.
When adressing a ball in a downhill lie, your weight goes forward onto your left (for righthanders) foot, whilst for a uphiller you take it back on the right foot. Offcourse there is a physicall limit for this technique, at some point you simply lose balance an fall over. That prolly the point when you will have to declare the ball unplayable and take a penalty drop.

Would make sense to show this with to toon as well.  ;D  This could be corrected at the same "washup" as the "bathroom thickstuff sitting ;D [/size]"[size=78%] when the ball is below the feet.

Nonflat lies up to about 5° in all directions you can compensate by slight addaptions of grip and ballposition, without causing any damages to the outcome of your shot. For these "tiny" slopes when uphill take the ball a little forward, for downhill a little backward in your stands. For a tiny "feet below the ball" grip a little shorter and for "feet above the ball" grip a little longer. Only if you have more then a tiny unflat lie you need to applie the mentioned corrections.
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« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2021, 10:16:41 AM »
Over 6 years later and this is still an issue.  This is my number one issue. I recently began using TGC19 with a Skytrak launch monitor.   It’s impossible to use a low-launch club such as a 3-wood on practically any uphill fairway.   The software interprets this as a flat lie so hitting a club with a 10 degree launch angle into a 12 degree slope is like hitting it into a wall.  The ball shoots straight up and lands about 30 yards away.   Not realistic at all. I’ve reported this to HB.  Would be a nice fix.