Canuck's Course Showcase - A TGC2019 YT/Twitch Show

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« on: August 28, 2018, 01:28:54 AM »

**Showtimes TBA**

Post your course below!

Hey everyone! Today I would like to announce the kickoff of a new Youtube series that will start very shortly after the release of TGC2019. Back in the TGC1 days, I ran a series called "Canuck's Course Critiques" that had over 100 episodes and eventually morphed into TGCTLive! I'm looking to bring some of the original series back to life as TGC2019 nears its release. I am hoping this show is helpful to all course designers as a way to learn and receive feedback from others as well as to have your course which you have spend to much time on to be showcased. This show is meant to be more of a showcase of a newly designed course as opposed to a true "critique" (although I will be doing some light critiquing along the way). The show will be interactive as all showcases will be broadcast live on Twitch, allowing users to comment and share their thoughts on the course in real time. Episodes will then be sent over to my Youtube Channel .

Have a course you would like to see on a future episode? Please post here! would mostly like to showcase courses from newer designers who have some experience with the TGC designer, but veterans and experts are also welcome to submit a course. Really looking forward to playing your courses in the new game and showing them off to a larger audience!