Drop Ball during Turned Base Issue

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« on: May 19, 2014, 07:03:50 PM »
Build No: v0.51
Game Area: GamePlay
Title: Ball Drop Issue During Turn Base Play
Summary: I noticed when I hit in the water during turn based play with ghost balls, my ball dropped where it should have after hitting the water based on my ghost indicator seen when watching the next player hit.  After the other golfer hit, it put me back at my original shot instead of where it had dropped the ball.  I was about 150+ yards away from the water, so it wasn't some small incremental yardage.
Reproduction Steps: Never tried to reproduce.
Reproduction Rate: 0%
Screen Shot if possible
Steam Name:  KingJavo
Controller:  XBOX 360
Intel Core i5-4690K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor
2x - Asus GeForce GTX 980 4GB STRIX Video Card
G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR3-1866 Memory
Windows 10 64 bit