Society issues and PGA Tour issue

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« on: September 01, 2018, 03:19:24 AM »
Now that I have found the forum for Bugs, will repost.

All on Xbox One X.

Issue with editing event conditions. No matter how many rounds you choose, when editing event conditions it does not save the First Round if you go back into editing it and goes back to default for everything.

I can't seem to find it but where is the option to adjust the amount of rounds for each course added, outside of the default settings? You can set the default rounds but in last years game you could have a default and then edit courses as you saw fit.  For example I always made the regular events two rounds and majors were four rounds.

Renamed some of the players in the Solo Society. Changed all the players faces to male. This had a carryover effect on my existing PGA Tour Mode with some players. Best I can tell the players I named ended up on the PGA Tour mode (which I had just made the tour in) and gave them different nationalities, also there were still numerous female faces. I decided to test this to see if restarting the PGA Tour mode had any effect and it did not.  Players that were renamed showed up and had the same wrong nationality and still plenty of female faces.  So one affects the other but something is getting lost in translation.

Also just noticed on the examples below they have different handicaps too.

For example:

Lee Trevino in my Society. This player was my edit.

Lee Trevino on Tour.   This player is what happened when I edited the player from the Society and also when I restarted the Tour to test.

Speed of the Face Changes to come up is also painstakingly slow on the XB1X.  Would also be nice to have a blank or silhouette option. So many of them look the same and I honestly would rather just have the name and no image with the limited options available.
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« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2018, 01:16:01 PM »
Sent feedback over to the devs to investigate.