People quitting?

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« Reply #15 on: October 01, 2018, 02:45:25 PM »
I honestly don't think beginner clubs should be a part of online matchmaking at all. I think it should be Pro and Master only (both hitting from the tips).

My "point distribution" suggestion was intended only as a way to keep beginner players involved in a fair and reasonable matter. Perhaps after 50 games, the option to use beginner clubs could be removed - forcing players to move up to pro level at the very least.

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« Reply #16 on: October 08, 2018, 06:09:40 AM »
I'm not near as worried about quitters as I am cheesers.  I can deal with people quitting,  or even the disconnects that are out of our control.  I have found to get more people whom finish the match than quit quite honestly.  I'm just not a fan of really good players choosing easy clubs and being at such a disadvantage as a well above average player with master clubs going against the cheesers.
The fix is either
A - everyone starts from the same tee, or
B - I can change my tee to the same as theirs.

Honestly, I don't think either of these fixes would work.

A - If everyone played from the tips, true beginners and pro players wouldn't stand a chance. I think you would see a lot more quitting because of this.

B - Even if I were matched against a beginner or pro player, I would still play from the tips. I'm not willing to dumb down my game. I honestly think most master players feel this way.

In a different topic, I made the following suggestion to the problem as a perceive it.

Problem: Players use beginner clubs to cheese and get wins. There is no incentive for cheesers to use anything but beginner clubs.

Solution: Distibute points as follows.

Master Win 3 points
Master Draw 1 point

Pro Win 2 points
Pro Draw 1 point

Beginner Win 1/2 point
Beginner Draw 0 points

This will give players the incentive to move up to the highest level of difficulty they are capable of playing. This will not only improve the quality of the games, but it will improve the chance of meeting other players you would want to befriend and compete with in private matches.

I am sorry but I disagree - there is a third way, and that would be to introduce a lobby system as EA used to do so we can pick who we want to play. We (my playing partner & I) tried to play 4-ball alternate shot yesterday and had no way to select the match and ended up on back 9 at Deere Run (not played this yet) where we were both using Master clubs and the opposing team had one on master clubs & the other on whatever set gets the driver a 254 yard carry. Some of the tees he was playing from had 50-70 yard advantage, with one Par 4 being driveable from his tee and not even close from my tee. Also there was a par 3 where we went in with 9i and he was on an SW which is an enormous difference. We did well to tie them in the end I thought, but the disparity on tee locations is really bad.
Everyone in a match should damn well play from the same tee. We do not see the shorter hitters on real PGA tour playing from the Girls tees, so why should this happen here - that is handicap golf, period. I do not much care what tee I play from (I prefer the tips but hey) but putting the lower level club players on closer tees is no incentive for them to up their game either.
It's plain wrong, and as far as the "fairer" line goes this is a term I am sick & tired of hearing these days - what is "fair" about a 50 plus yard advantage on some holes? What is "reasonable" about a driver with a stated 30 yards less carry playing from a tee 50-70 yards closer to the green?

Set up a lobby for this and all the problems go away - those on beginner or pro clubs can play others with the same clubs of they are scared of playing from the tips, and those of us who are using master clubs can play a team that will be starting at the same tee - that is what I call both fair and reasonable. If I want to play Handicap golf, I will look for a handicap match.