The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA TOUR - Patch 2 and Disc Release Info

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« on: October 02, 2018, 10:54:27 AM »
The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA TOUR will be releasing patch 2 on Thursday, October 4th on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Below includes a new featured course along with patch notes for the release. HB Studios and 2K are also announcing today that the physical disc release will be available in November 2018!

Atlantic Beach Country Club – Host of the 2018 TOUR Championship can be found along the beautiful Florida Coast. The course features 18 holes playing 6,815 yards and is inviting to all levels of player. Come challenge yourself in The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA TOUR, now including an official replication of Atlantic Beach Country Club and the Tour Championship!

•   Fixed the menu background moving unnecessarily when switching between the main menu and the character editor.
•   Added support for viewing the clubs of ghosts from the View Golfer menu.
•   Added support for editing local guests directly from the Character Editor button in the main menu, when there are local guests in the user's golf group.
•   Added support for local guests to edit and customize their clubs in the character editor, via the Edit Golfer button in the popup when clicking the guest's name in the match setup screen.
•   Fixed hangs related to rapidly navigating leader boards.
•   Fixed incorrect capping of handicaps.
•   Expanded character customization options. Available skin tone options expanded. New licensed clothing added including PGA TOUR and Tattoo Golf Hats.
•   Improved stability throughout gameplay and course designer.
•   Fixed a framerate hitch that could occur shortly after entering gameplay.
•   Fixed the hole cup casting a shadow on the ground.
•   Fixed certain cases of terrain shadow flickering on hole 9 of Kipahulu Reserve.
•   Fixed the "Club Only" shot suggestion setting not working properly.
•   Improved lighting and wind effect on trees.
•   Fixed users not being able to join private online societies.
•   Fixed the display of Society Purse payout for first prize.
•   Fixed issue of Online Society restrictions carrying over and overwriting the round 2 settings if advancing from the end of round screen.
•   Fixed mini leaderboard not showing the users score if they’re outside of the top 5.
•   Fixed mini leaderboard between rounds displaying totals for the event.
•   Fixed mini leaderboard to properly display the users rank for the round/event.
•   Fixed FedExCup Points not being rewarded correctly in the season Championship.
•   Users will now play in the final groupings throughout Career and Solo Societies.
Matchmaking/Private Match
•   Added Support for Wagers Playlist for users to play Skins matches in matchmaking.
•   Fixed awarding of points in points-based skins when there is a carry-over skin from a previous hole.
•   Fixed users in a party being split up when playing team based matchmaking games.
•   Fixed Skins matches ending when one user quits before the end of the round.
Course Creator
•   Fixed entry/exit flows when transitioning between tools.
•   Replace incorrect sign icons.
•   Updated button callouts to address missing icons.
•   Fixed the green grid to refresh when making height edits on a course.
•   Fixed alternate surface's secondary options to be correctly based off of the primary surfaces type
•   Fixed brush dragging to create a smooth look after generating.
•   Fixed scale speeds when toggling between advanced mode and normal mode for objects and brushes.
•   Fixed brushes to no longer have their scale reset when entering and exiting brush tools.
•   Fixed height brushes to no longer have their height value change when entering and exiting the tools.
•   New Course flow sets the values for a theme properly before your first edit. Fixes issues of disappearing water on some themes.
•   Fixed the overwriting of course thumbnails with every save.