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« on: October 21, 2019, 08:40:28 AM »
Welcome to Abductees Anonymous!

Things seem a bit quiet on PC. There aren't many fully active societies ... especially if you like to knock out several rounds a day. Some seem to have gone dormant recently or have changed to different formats. I tend to see the same names on the leaderboards wherever I go, so I can assume I'm not the only tournament addict out there. So, I decided I'd go ahead and materialize my own society. It will not be a "PGA clone", though ... there are plenty of those already, and they do a fine job of it! So, If you're just looking for another place that has an active tournament schedule ... you're welcome to join!

It will have a relatively fast-paced schedule. For now (pending feedback, I guess), regular events will be 3 round (54 hole), 3 day tournaments. The rules are simple: No cheating; no chipping/flopping on the green unless farther than 100 ft. (30m) or if you have an obstructed line to the hole (standard TGCTours rules). All options are on - no settings disabled other than shot preview (for super obvious reasons!) This is a non-contact sport, so NO PROBING ALLOWED!  :P

Periodically, I'll throw a skills challenge event in the mix. These will be 1-2 day interim events, but they will usually have a bonus purse. They will likely be par 3 courses (~2 rounds), or pitch/putt courses (2-3 short rounds). In skills events, both the numerical wind display and the lie grid will be disabled ... but the payouts will be much higher! I promise I'll leave the green grid on, though

All purses will be paid out at 100%. Any society donations will be used to fund the bonus payouts on special events.

Given how crazy everything feels in the world these days, I thought we could start things off with The Fragile Union Open at Secession Golf Club TOUR by cauthen22 ... A very serene course to play on, and I'm adding 5k bonus for this inaugural event (which will also last 4 days)! So, put that sock on your musket and arm your driver!

The in-game filters are pretty horrible, so course suggestions are always welcome ... especially for the skills challenges! I have the schedule set up through the end of the month, and I'll be adding more as I get a chance to test out new courses.

Have fun and play well!

Ps. I think it's rude to cross-promote in someone else's society, but I'd certainly be gracious if any of the other PC admins would be so kind as to mention it to their users ... Cheers!

Pps. Why the name? Well, the obvious abbreviated pun was just too easy  ;) ... but it's mainly based on the emblem I created for my clothing when I first started playing this game. It's also a tribute to a friend, but that's a longer story for a distant future.