Which club set should people use?

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« Reply #15 on: August 01, 2019, 08:59:17 AM »
I agree with the 'it's JUST a game' stance ... so glad the developers aren't such competitive gaming geeks to realize that. I also mostly play solo & design with occasional Online Society forays. I actually 'won' a TGC2 official society season last year, fwiw, but by playing in every tourney, not my spectacular e-golfing ability, LOL.

You are correct it is just a game but, for me, I buy games to enjoy them and to enjoy a game, I like it to at least be challenging. Playing a game that is not challenging is boring for me and just a waste of time.

Specifically for golf games, I like them as I cannot always get out on the course due to time constraints where most of my free time (my time not including family) is evenings or taken up by football and when I do have time off in the day free, I live in Britain - weather is so unpredictable! lol. Therefore I'd like the game to representative of the game of golf and challenging - not saying a proper sim, but close to as much as casuals allow.

I really do love this game/franchise and any bit of criticism I give is purely to make it better (IMO), not just for my personal taste but for others who like to enjoy a more sim-like/realistic difficulty experience. I'm not the greatest at the game (stats/scores on TGCT will testify) but I love a challenging game to test me. Some ideas I have could be too much/far and I'm fine with that if that is the case, but if some are implemented and work, then awesome. If the next game was to stay as this is difficulty-wise, I also wouldn't have any complaints (aside the bugs) and would still buy the next version but would still prefer the top set to be more challenging than it currently is.

I'm sure HB have this in hand and are hard at work on the next iteration which I am eagerly awaiting! :D


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« Reply #16 on: August 01, 2019, 11:26:15 AM »
I love game-improvement suggestions, don't get me wrong. And I understand the need for a challenge, but I think the game is designed to allow us to start off as pretty decent players, with minimal slicing/hooking/shanks/chili-dips, etcetera.  I can't see being disappointed that a game doesn't make everyone start off as an absolute duffer OR force a player to 'upgrade' as they improve. 

How that POV works for the multiplayer community, I confess to not knowing ... but I can't imagine why anyone would actually need to cheat at a casual e-game. How important can it be whether you win or lose games of computer golf, for crying out loud ?!  Play your best, and live with the result ... 


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« Reply #17 on: August 01, 2019, 12:42:46 PM »
I agree with the 'it's JUST a game' stance ... so glad the developers aren't such competitive gaming geeks to realize that.

Im all for having casual play and being able to go around and just enjoy course, but there also needs to be a LEGIT mode geared towards "serious" competition in a SPORTS game. Kind of like playing poker for fun is absolutely no fun.

Not only that i don't see why they wouldn't want to put somthing forward to get in to some of the competitive esports thats growing like crazy.