Thank you HBS for a phenomenal golf sim! A few minor requests

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« on: June 12, 2019, 11:46:55 PM »
My playing partner and I have been avid RL scratch players and so a golf sim that reflects the uncertainty yet playability of RL golf is what we seek.  As credited beta testers with EAS' Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 we learned that sim had achieved the magic of capturing what it is about golf we love.  And now w/ TGC 2019 we have discovered a level of quality that is just fabulous and once again captures the magic of golf.  Thank you!

Just a few suggestions if you will.  We never use the green grid, but are thankful for the lie grid option and use that.   Since we can only assess subtle break in the putt by using measuring cursor that shows in increments of 1 inch relative elevation.   It would be so useful for those who prefer the realism of grid-free putting to allow the user to DE-COUPLE measuring, from the player animation.  Right now, if you pan left and right the player ani moves with the cursor, and that is because measuring slope can't be done independently of aiming the player ani.  Please see what you can do to de-couple those actions.

By the same token it would be so helpful to have a little finer resolution than 1 inch.   How about in tens of an inch, so 1.3", or 1.5" etc.? 

Finally, all skilled RL players use the entire tee box according to the shot.  Even back in TW2004 you could move the player left and right on the tee.   Please consider adding this feature which is in keeping with an authentic simulation of RL golf which TGC 2019 clearly has strove for.

One area both me and partner are really struggling with is green-side control.  It is so difficult, a little too difficult to improve shipping and flop shots from green side.  Just a little bit more forgiving is all we're after.  To often we set up a shot, it seems like it should be decent, hit it perfectly, and then wham it's 25' long from just 12y out.  We're improving, but this is atypically difficult compared to everything else, including putting w/o a grid.

Thank you again we are blown away by the quality of TGC 2019.  I hope you can continue to develop it in ways that retain backwards compatibility with all of the phenomenal courses for the game, and continue to strive fo playability with that level of uncertainty the keeps us coming back.   It's pretty darn good now, except as I say the green side short game.


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« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2019, 01:20:18 PM »
Good stuff! Has been up before but unfortunately HB has not really commented on these improvements.

For the no grid putting, it is very possible to putt without grids and markers. That is how we play in the USE (ultra sim experience) society over at the TGCT forums ( We are achieving close to real world scoring and putting averages. Driving the ball is still far too accurate but overall it’s the best way to play if you are a fan of real golf over video game golf!

The short game should be more nuanced for sure. It’s not really too hard, but in some cases some valid shots are not available while in others very low percentage plays are way to pull off.

Another thing that is needed is gustiness to the wind as a separate factor. This completely changes playing strategy in real golf while in game wind is reduced to just knowing the fixed adjustment needed to dial it away...

Placing ball in tee box is a no brainer as well. Strategic part of golf not included.

HB have managed to get a game together that is one of the best feeling golf experiences ever made, but some of the decisions made around that core mechanic makes me wonder how much golf they actually know....
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