Author Topic: A REAL Bowling Sim?  (Read 1947 times)


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A REAL Bowling Sim?
« on: November 07, 2019, 01:44:32 AM »
Some of us over at TGCTours have been playing PBA bowling after it came out on console a few weeks ago. Fun game but it's really lacking.

If someone put forth a real bowling sim (key word sim), it would be pprofitable. The world doesn't need another arcade/cartoon, half baked bowling game.

Online League and tournament, single player career mode, multiplayer, player customization, etc. Different balls, lanes, oils all in a realistic (again, not arcade or cartooney).

And it's bowling - I've got to believe the programming part of it isn't rocket science for experienced coders. If HB can do a great job with golf, bowling should be easy.

VR option would be incredible but please do not make us swing the controller :)
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