[SUGGESTION] Reading Wind

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« on: February 23, 2020, 06:10:16 PM »
Howdy. So having played an absolute tonne of hours on this game as it is by far the best golf game I have played, I have a suggestion for what I think is a better way of reading wind in game which is not as easy as the wind indicator and would give some further challenge to the game.

I now play with all the HUD off except the pin marker and lie/club info (which is set to fade). The wind I have it without the number, just the direction and fill the circle depending on strength which once you know when full it's 24-25 mph, is easy to guess the strength. As this is off in HUD however, it only shows when looking at the hole overview. Less clutter in screen and makes it a touch more difficult knowing the exact direction it's blowing according to where I am facing.

Anyways, to replace the wind meter for the higher levels, and to be optional perhaps, why not have a button where the camera zooms in a straight line from your position to the flag stick and it is the flag that shows you the direction and strength of the wind. Direction is of course which way the flag is blowing in relation to where you're facing and strength would be a guesstimate on how hard the flag is being blown in said direction. With this, you get the general direction and of course it's not as easy to judge the strength this way. Would certainly make it trickier to go pin hunting I think. Certainly more fun.

I tried doing this when close to the green (100 yards and closer) and it is cool when you can see the flag but of course at times the flag is too far away to see and/or covered by trees in the way.
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