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« on: February 04, 2020, 10:57:50 AM »

Teetogreens.com News

We have done a little updating. we  have a whole new website theme and layout. Teetogreens.com staff an society leaders have been hard at work. Our goal is to be a service to the TGC Golfing Societies by hosting said societies on the site and for them to track their stats, tournament's and more. Right now we host teetogreens.com society, The Player's Club Tour Society & Tournaments, The Players Club, The Steam Masters which is a cross society format with TPCTour & Teetogreens.com. Then we have the alt-mesh-up tour. an our members from The Players Club. If you play any one of these you must register on teetogreens.com register with your golfer name to have your stats tracked.
We are also going to be hosting match play alt 4-ball and single round play like president club world championship play and ryder cup.
and more to come.
If you are interested in joining in register and email society info. More to come as we get things rolling