HB how about a Masters swing Tgctours setting

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More and more sports games are going to a "competitive" setting for this very reason - to make the game as much about stick skills as possible.

I know I'm a small (very small) demographic of the game.  I rarely play online and if I ever do it's not for competition purposes.  So the way game played before the patch and the way the game plays after the patch are both equally great for me.

I'm kind of like you Meb.  I havent played online in months and the one time I did was with a friend.  The society setting gives me the online competition and I can play when it suits me.  I like that best.   It can be difficult to find a society with settings you like though.  I have a pro society on ps4 but I'd like to find an honest master/legend society on pc to play as well.
   And then sometimes I'm fine just loading up some ghosts and playing on my own.   Tried career.  Eeh. Maybe, it's okay but id rather choose the courses like we used to and the ever changing tournament results killed the atmosphere of career for me.  So I just play .  The gameplay is pretty good although they scared me with the easing of the tempo/ red fast nerf update last month.  I dont cheat so I never had an issue with the fast exploit.  The only thing I like about it is that it effects the short game a bit/ have to be a bit more careful there.
You're more than welcome at The Ultra Sim Society Jeffield. Mainly PC players with a few PS4. 52 week season 3 underway at the moment. Only splash shot from bunkers, no follow cam, no marker, master swing difficulty. Handicap leaderboard based on society average scores also.
US Open this week on Anders' very challenging superb Torrey Pines . Society is private so just send a request if you're interested.

I believe I will, thank you hammers.  With cross play how does the scoring update?  Just asking.

Gonna check out your boards now
I am a bit behind because of work but I normally get the final cross platform leaderboard up post tournament and try to get a clubhouse leaderboard up later in the week before the event finishes. Will be getting everything up to date this evening as I have some time to do so.
We have our own independent ranking table and handicap leaderboard based on average score in society. We even had a handicapped Ryder Cup style event last season which was fun . Good bunch play in this society, competitive but not ultra competitive if you know what I mean.

Sounds good.  I requested on pc

I accepted the request now. Welcome to USE :)
Cheers Anders 👍

I'm in.  Love the setup.  Feels very real/ challenging.

Are there any Xbox players in USE? I’m interested to see what the scores are since the update.
My handicap has gone from 2 to 11 in two weeks??
Unfortunately we don't anymore and we had more Xbox than anyone at one time but it must be frustrating to compete multi platform for you guys. I know that the game is more difficult on Xbox, hearing it's the controller but I use an Xbox controller on PC. Also I know we play different systems and I do understand your frustration with pitch on XBox. For me the shot seems to have gotten easier, I seem to be able to pull off partial full shots and pitch better than I did before and hit nearly all inside the grey tempo box.
Would be nice if HB explained why the game is so much more difficult on Xbox.
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