PGA Tour 2K21... Water table affecting cup!!

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« on: August 23, 2020, 10:49:53 AM »
So, I imported "Uncle Sam's Crazy Golf" course into PGA Tour 2K21 & unfortunately it's impossible to complete a round now as the final hole (cup) is positioned part way into a water table.
In TGC2019 the ball dropped fully into the cup but now it's only dropping part way in & ends up spinning round just below the lip meaning the next shot never materialists & you have to quit to end the game.
I've since resolved the issue by moving the pin & republishing under the new course name "Sam's Crazy Golf 2K21."
Is there any way you can delete "Uncle Sam's Crazy Golf" from the new 2K21 game as nobody will be able to complete a round & no stats, records or leaderboard will ever be generated?
Folks playing it will be very frustrated getting to the final putt which cannot be sunk - there really is no point having it on the server.
Thanks in advance,
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