2k21 (XBOX) Character Progress CORRUPTED! (WIPED/ERASED)

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« on: August 25, 2020, 04:23:08 PM »
When simulating to end the PGA Season in career mode:

The 3 final events have a requirement (be in Top 130/Top 70/Top 30)

The game will not let you sim to an event you are currently not high enough in the standings to qualify for.

This is complicated but important try and follow me here. I was just trying to get to the next season. I was simming to the event I did qualify for on the final 3 which was the TOP 130 one.  But I knew by the time it simmed there I would no longer be in contention for it.

So when the game arrived there and I was no longer in the top 130.  It freaked out. I received a "CORRUPTED SAVE MESSAGE" and entire progress lost.

Now my character has zero history and it is as if I have never played.  Was on the final rival : ( and almost had all the clubs through contracts unlocked :( now everything at 0 progress.