Casuals Golf Club - Unable to Enter a CGE Tournament When Your Ranking is <= 100

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« on: August 28, 2020, 11:39:42 AM »
As of this post, CGE players need a ranking of 100 or less to be eligible to play in the CGE (vs UCG) tournament versions.  However, there seems to be a coding error in the game that prevents some eligible players (ranking <= 100) from being able to access the CGE version of the tourneys.  It looks like the problem is that the table on the right side of the Stats tab is showing an incorrect Points ranking, although the table on the left, showing the individual Stats, does show the correct Points Rank. I have used the following method to work around this issue multiple times, but there are no guarantees it will work for you.

1 – Go to the Stats Tab.  There are two tables shown, the left table (aka the Stats) and the right table (aka the List).

2 – Highlight your Points Ranking stat in the left table (the Stats). This is your correct rank, however the table on the right (the List) is probably showing a different rank (if you're having this issue). If the rank shown in the List is greater than 100, this is the reason you can’t access the CGE version of the tournament.  (This issue was in 2K19 as well, but it didn’t seem to affect the main and alternate tourneys.)

3 – Highlight your Points rank and hit the X.  This will take you into the Points list and you will see your name and ranking (correctly now).  However, find the actual page in the list that contains your name (unless you’re in the top ten, you’ll need to page down with R1).  Once you do, hit the O to move back to the Stats list. If the Stats rank and List rank are the same, move to the Schedule tab.  If they are still not the same, hit X again and go back to the list and try again.  It may take several attempts to get the Ranks to match up.  Once they do, move the Schedule tab and try to access the CGE tourney from there.  If you get the Begin Round page, you’re in.  If you still get denied entry, go back to the Stats tab and try again.  Sometimes it takes two or three times.

Again, this works for me, but your mileage may vary.

Hope this helps!

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Fantastic debut post bud. Already working for some members. Many thanks