Career Mode - x2 questions

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« on: October 28, 2020, 07:22:50 PM »
Hi All

Have just started playing Career Mode and none of this Korn Ferry qualifying stuff either. Straight on to the big stage!

Have observed x2 unusual (??) things and "only x2!" I hear you say.   :D

1.  I didn't qualify for the Champions Invitational and ended up being entered into the Transatlantic Championship Alternate. Can anyone tell me what are the qualifying parameters for the Champions Invitational as I can't see these now? I'm surprised because after playing the first x3 tournaments I was 7th on the Fedex table and 7th on the moneylist. (Playing Normal difficulty level.)

2. Stats show me winning the Southern Invitational but I know Patrick Cantalay finished first on -18 and I finished second on -16. The Season Performance stats page shows best finish 2nd @ The Southern Open and shows victories as 1. Assuming this is just the stuffed up stats at work yes? Also it shows no trophy for winning this tournament but assume not all tournaments have trophies in the trophy room. Is this correct?

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