Old Downtown Club (Tour)

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« on: February 07, 2021, 06:29:44 PM »
Please consider giving my first new 2K21 course a try. While Old Downtown Club (Tour) is fictional, it is derived from a few courses near town areas I’ve played IRL over the past many years. Hole #12,(Par 3) was inspired by a company I visited that had an underground storage area where the back end of their building met the earth berm. Employees created a pitching and green area on the roof of their building.  Hole# 15, (Par 5) was inspired by an urban fluid processing/refining firm where employees hit golf balls over a water cooling pond to a homemade green. I wanted to have players enjoy their round so, in my opinion, this isn’t a difficult course from any tee set. Birdies and a couple of eagles aren’t out of the question. I designed this to be played with Medium wind from the Southeast to present some challenge.
Had major designer block for months and feedback and suggestions from posters got me started again so I hope you enjoy this course.  Not successful with my pictures...Sorry!
As always, ANY feedback, good or bad, is welcomed to improve my design skills.
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