Free Swingers (Free to Join)

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« on: March 07, 2021, 02:14:04 AM »
Hey all! I initially started this society for my buddies that just got the game. Anyways, anyone else is welcome to join for some daily rounds.

Membership is free(donations welcomed) *all donations would be added to the rewards*

Difficultly is at 1.21x with some room for customization

Not really expecting it to grow, but I will be scheduling rounds daily for the foreseeable future. So come on over if you are looking for some new scenery. Hope to see ya out there!

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Deer Creek Tour Greens (HCP)
Norwall Landing (HCP)
Gold Rush Valley
The Marshes Tour Greens
Whistling Rapids GC
Reynisfjara Iceland
Newble Beach

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Home Run Derby
Home Run Derby 2
Captain’s Cove Putt-Putt