Norfolk Pines Sports Club

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Welcome to my first course designed wholly in PGA 2K23. The fictitious Norfolk Pines Sports Club is a Parkland style course featuring large pine trees adapted to represent Norfolk Pines, which adorn many coastal areas of Australian cities, and of course on Norfolk Island. I got a bit carried away with course structures to make for an almost believeable coastal city plot including CBD, industrial and residential areas. Looking at the size of the CBD, there are a couple of million unseen people who live outside the plot area. Tour version on the way soon.

About the Norfolk Pines Sports Club (the Club)
Nestled below the city CBD area of Norfolk Beach, the Club has a large member base and strong pennant teams in Golf, Tennis and Bowls.

The Club features:
- Parkland style golf course with driving range
- Three lawn bowls rinks (next to clubhouse)
- Six tennis courts (South side of Hole 15)
- Boat launch ramp and small jetty (small bay inside traffic bridge)
- Snooker, pool and darts (located inside the clubhouse complex - yes indoor sports too)

The Golf Course
This parkland style golf course features some majestic Norfolk Pines as well a couple of other Pine and Spruce varities. Birch, Elm and Oaks also feature on most holes. There are some nice views to take in.

The front nine loops to the North, and features a small shallow lake that comes into play on holes 4, 5, 7 and 8. Par 4 holes, 4 and 7, are driveable in favourable wind conditions or from red tees.

The back nine loops South, with a cart underpass between the 10th green and 11th tee. Holes 12, 13 and 14 surround the "NB Medditerranean" restaurant and function centre. Hole 15 is the sister par 4 to Hole 10, and both holes are driveable with favourable wind conditions or from red tees.

Greens are medium to large, with normal firmness and speed is medium/fast. Many greens will require thought and accuracy for the approach to end up within eagle or birdie range. Boundary fences or cliffs mark OB on perimeter holes, and building areas on course are also OB. Good to check your yardage book if unsure.

From the black comp tees the course plays a bit shorter than the stated 6429m, with there being more downhill tee shots than uphill (15/3). There are only three holes where the tee to green elevation change is more than 10 metres, especially the long downhill Par 5 3rd hole.  There is a balance of dog-leg holes left and right and a few straightish holes.  There are two double green complexes, being 9/18 and 11/16.

Default Settings
The default time is set to about 8am in the morning, and sunny with some light high cloud and a bit of morning haze. Fairways are firm and greens normal with green speed medium/fast (7.6). Some of the greens have partial shadows at the default time, so feel free to change time of day. I suggest trying the wind set to Medium and Northeast to best mimic prevailing local conditions. If you want to drive the greens of the shorter par 4s (10th and 15th) from the black tees, try High wind blowing toward SW.

Course Screenshots
Below are some course drone pics taken around the course in early morning and late afternoon.

Enjoy your round :)

Clubhouse Area
The double green complex of the 9th (top) and 18th (bottom), with the clubhouse and lawn bowls rinks in the background.

Hole 2 - Par 3
A mid length par 3 with nice views back towards the clubhouse. Pin 2 on front tier may require back-spin, landing short of the green, or a strong headwind to keep the ball near the pin.

Hole 3 - Par 5
A nice view of the downhill approach to the 3rd green taken from above the 4th tee area.

Hole 5 - Par 4
This hole requires accuracy off the tee with water along the left and OB on the right. The 7th green can also be seen on the left.

Hole 6 - Par 3
The 6th green has commanding views of the bay traffic bridge. The small jetty and boat ramp can also be seen when looking in the other direction.

Hole 10 - Par 4
A very tempting hole to drive the green with the wind at your back. But which fork of the fairway if I lay up?

Hole 12 - Par 5
This fairly straight Par 5 is overlooked by a restaurant on the ridge to the right of the fairway. When an Easterly breeze is blowing, you can sometimes smell the delicious food being cooked. Yum!

Hole 15 - Par 4
Another forked fairway, and the sister hole to the 10th. The tennis courts are just over the trees on the right of this picture (left side of fairway).

Hole 16 - Par 3
This is the longest of the par 3 holes. It shares a double green with the 11th coming from the other direction.

Hole 18 - Par 5
Heading for the 19th on this par 5 hole, it is usually reachable in two shots and a good eagle chance with a thoughtful approach. I think the water makes me thirsty.

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Beautiful course very well done.


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Thanks for the nice comment Lancers. Hope you enjoyed your round.

Cheers  :)
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