Few bugs after playing-- to help hb diagnose.

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« on: August 19, 2014, 01:43:17 PM »
Ok after playing couple places, and using the creator here are my findings:

1) the game is awesome very fluid on xbox.

Now the bugs:

1 when sculpting (any theme)
The land in the circle is extruded up about 10 feet in the air,, and as a square.  Very jagged
Now when u save.. Or apply the land does make the changes and returns to how it should be.
But obviously this bug makes sculpting impossible.. Due to the real time distortion.
(This is true with v sync on or off. And any theme)

2) during gameplay - I am getting dropped connection about 5 times per round .
    (Not that it stopped me shooting 17 under and a course record at castle creek! lol I can putt on xbox so watch out.. My 1st course record if many!! Lol)
    But a but annoying..  And prob very in a live mode situation.

3). Applying gncd changes take longer.  Ie: if you sculpt n apply it's very slow compared to PC.
      Same for planting objects.

Everything else seems good to me. I'm having a lot of fun on the xbox version so far.
And when these bugs are cleared.. This game will be / is fantastic.

Lastly,  obviously all my designer friends are gone... (My steam buds)
And their courses now need to be looked up by name.  Rather than in my friends list etc.

But that will clear as game evolves over next few days.
However I do think a search by designer would be massive add in search options .

Also my steam name n xbox name are different..
So my own course is not listed under my course.

Not sure how to resolve this?  I could change my steam name to same as xbox?

But still it will see me as a different player right?
Shame cause I'll prob do design on PC and play in xbox .
So any solution welcome for this. 

Last but not least.. A call out to my fellow early access buddies on steam..
Perhaps we need to find each others xbox names if diff from the forum/steam names.
Any suggestions?