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Most of us who know about HB Studios' forthcoming, next-gen golf game learned of it through The Game Code's feature about HB Studios in a feature video they did last July.  We got more details from Colin Mieczkowski's article about it in September -  While we don't know anything about the game's interface, gameplay, presentation, and appearance, we do know of one refreshingly unique property it will have - a course creator!

As far as I know, only one other console golf game has attempted to include a course creator - World Tour Golf (Prostroke Golf) 2007, from Gusto Games.  I rented WTG 2007 because I was skeptical about its gameplay.  As it turned out, my skepticism was justified... the game just wasn't fun to play, certainly not enough to spark me to want to create courses on which to play it.  I heard from others who did try it and weren't impressed, saying it was too archaic and limited.  It's probably not a fair comparison because the original XBox only had 64 MB of RAM, so it wasn't like they had much to work with.

Why does HB Studios have a chance to make a go of it in the course creator department with the XBox One and PS4?  How about 128 times the amount of available video/system RAM?  Where I think the developers have a formidable challenge is with the course creation interface.  A wireless game controller seems to be an handicap compared with working with a full keyboard and mouse, but if you look at HB Studios track record, they've been pretty creative and adaptable with past games.  I'm more than willing to give them a chance with this and hope they knock a home run with it.

The game's success for me will ultimately not be based on the course creator; it will be based on the gameplay.  I want a golf game that makes me feel an inertial based connection to my on-screen golfer.  I want to sense the effects of acceleration, resistance, and momentum in the swing to the extent this can be done with a hand-held controller (Links 2004 on the XBox did a reasonable job with this 10 years ago).  I also want to be able to view the action from my golfer's perspective (swing camera view) for as long as I desire, then switch to a panning-reverse angle view at my discretion.  I'd like to see the other golfers in my group, wherever they should be standing.  I'd like to watch other golfers in my group play their shots from my golfer's perspective, not from their swing camera.

I'd better get off my soapbox before I ramble too much, but I am delighted to learn that HB Studios golf will be a reality as early as this summer!  This will get me off the fence about a next-gen console  :) 

Like jcauthen04 I'm a long time video (and PC) game golfer and very interested in the new golf game HB Studios will be releasing sometime this year.

I too am also interested in the course creator feature in the golf game.  However, I'm hopeful that the course creator will be user friendly and easy to use by a novice designer like myself.  Since the game will be released on consoles the game pad will be the primary input device which is inherently harder than using a mouse and keyboard.  It would be great if a person could design a course online at the HB Studios using the standard mouse and keyboard on a PC and then download it from within the game.

As for the game play, I believe that the gaming style does not necessarily need to cater exclusively to one gaming style or another (i.e. arcade or simulation).  The easy solution would be to make it a blend of the two game styles into a hybrid.  The ideal would be to offer two distinct and separate game styles (i.e. arcade or simulation) within the same game.

The swing mechanism in the golf game, as jcauthen04 has so eloquently described, needs to be inertia based with a 1:1 connection with the game pad controller and the golfer animation on the screen.  User controlled cameras would add greatly to the immersion into the golfing environment.

This is just an overview of what I and others would like to see focused on in a in a new golf game.  Hopefully, more members from other golf game communities will sign up and contribute with more opinions and ideas here on the HB Forums.

BTW, should we be posting in The Golf Club forum section rather than here?



--- Quote from: MERACE on January 17, 2014, 11:59:18 PM ---BTW, should we be posting in The Golf Club forum section rather than here?

--- End quote ---
Hi Mark, glad you made it here and posted!  I debated about posting this in the "Golf Club section rather than here, but then I wondered if the Golf Club might be some internal name for a club that HB Studios sanctions or sponsors.  There were no messages there, so I wasn't sure.  Then again, I wondered if "The Golf Club" might be the as yet undisclosed name of the forthcoming game  :D  Anyway, if this needs to be placed there, I'd be grateful for one of the mods to do so.

BTW, I've sent a PM to one of the mods suggesting that a link to this forum be prominently placed on the homepage.  I'd never have known there was an HB Studios Forum if I hadn't Googled it.

Registered because of the possibility of getting a new golf game and one we can actually be excited about.

As long as it focuses on realism first and arcade never.. I'll be happy.


--- Quote from: Skyboxer on January 18, 2014, 10:32:42 PM ---Registered because of the possibility of getting a new golf game and one we can actually be excited about.

As long as it focuses on realism first and arcade never.. I'll be happy.

--- End quote ---
Thanks for weighing in Skyboxer.  I don't think there's going to be any real registerable buzz about this game until folks start seeing some screens and particularly, some videos of it in action.  I haven't a clue as to where it will stack up in the realism/arcade department, I"m just hoping it will have an accessible realistic difficulty level.  I really don't care if it has an 'arcade' play option because I've seen enough history to know arcade translates into sales.  I think a good game design could make each of those modes playable though, provided the core engine is built to support it.


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