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The Golf Club Forum Rules

The Golf Club is a game about a sport which prides itself on challenge, sportsmanship, and respect. Just as those are pillars of the sport of golf, so too will they be pillars in The Golf Club game's community.  To that end, it is our aim to create a community that fosters respectful discussion and an exchange of ideas (and courses) that is free from harassment, name-calling, derogatory remarks, or otherwise unnecessarily negative comments of any kind, be they directed at the game, the developers, other forum members, or anyone else.

Please see below for the rules that will govern these forums from this point forward:


Forum Rules:
  • No malicious, derogatory, degrading, offensive, or otherwise hostile comments will be tolerated in The Golf Club's forums. You are free to dislike the game, or what someone has said, but you should express your disagreement respectfully and without hostility.  Furthermore, your comments should always be about the point someone is making, and never about the person making it.
  • Any unnecessarily negative, trolling, or abusive comments will be considered inappropriate.  The comments will be removed and the member will receive a warning for their behavior.
  • Comments that refer directly to the intent to cheat or include the names of devices used to cheat will be considered inappropriate. The comments will be removed and the member will receive a warning for their behavior.
  • A single forum member will receive two warnings for inappropriate behavior.  A third infraction will result in the member being suspended from the forums. A fourth infraction will result in the member being banned from the forums permanently.
  • Any comments that involve derogatory statements about race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religious preference, or anything else in this vein, will result in an immediate suspension from the forums. A second such remark will result in the member being permanently banned from the forums.
  • Any member who creates multiple accounts will receive an immediate and  permanent ban.
  • The forums will be actively monitored by HB Studios and determinations as to the inappropriate nature of posts, as well as subsequent actions, will be made solely by HB Studios and at their discretion.  Threatening, or becoming belligerent or overly aggressive with any member of HB Studios may result in an immediate and permanent ban from the forums.

In the most simple terms, our aim is to create a community that is a fun place to go to talk about The Golf Club, without worrying about undue negativity.  We appreciate passion, as well as different viewpoints, and we hope to see both in our forums.  But each of these ideals can be served without hostility.  So, like the sport of golf, we will expect courtesy and respect. 

At HB Studios we strongly believe that a high-quality community is just as important as a high-quality game, and we will do everything we can to ensure the development of both.

Thank you,
HB Studios