First Attempt: Reservoir's Edge - WIP (ready to test)

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« on: September 28, 2014, 09:07:06 PM »
I wanted to have a go at making one of my old courses from TW06/07, now renamed "Reservoir's Edge".

Back then I think I was fairly proficient with the Course Architect (no Hyno though...). I did everything 99% stock where I could and pretty much left out the bells and whistles.

So I put together a go at my old Reservoir course, not a duplicate as that would be really tough, but just too the idea and make it into a course.

So this evening I made the reservoir, stuck in a couple of islands, threw down 18 holes and had a play at making my "trademark" greens (I always used to try really hard to make good greens and surrounds).

As I am really new here and new to this designer I could really do with some feedback and help.

The course lacks "extras" such as all the fancy buildings etc, I have tried my best to build in my personal approach to course design. Some holes will need to change plus there are some features I want to add.

Personally I really want to improve the 10th and my greens (inc greenside bunkers).

Anyway if anyone has the time please give it a shot and let me know where I need to improve generally and specifically.

EDIT: Just realised I have made a mess of publishing the course. Might change the name but current one is titles "New Reservoir's Edge V1.1"

I messed up by forgetting to fix the first two holes (Head off in a different direction), thinking I had finished, then realised on upload test the first tee was wonky, the first pin was at 30* and the second green was inputtable...

Fixed in V1.1 (eventually)
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