GNCD magical moving sliders

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« on: November 05, 2014, 08:26:23 AM »
Veraina GC Weisshorn and Schwarzhorn:
Here's what i did:
  • Finished and published "Veraina GC Weisshorn".
  • Got it back to change playing T's. All i did was move T and move the black dummies.
  • Republished as "Veraina GC Schwarzhorn".
So both courses should be exactly the same, appart the playing T.
On the Schwarzhorn version at least the slider for fairwaywidth on hole 1,3 and 11 are no longer at 0.

Additional test:
Redownloading Weisshorn (1) -> sliders hole 1 and 3 ok, 11 set to > 0.
Redownloading Weisshorn (2) -> same as (1).
Edited a course with >0 sliders in between.

Redownloading Weisshorn (3) -> slider hole 2,7,17 (new) and 11 >0. On 17 the generated fw (slider>0) layes within the manualy set fw, but terrain is autoadjusted as can be seen arround the waypoint aerea.

As its behaving different on every download, some variables might not be properly initialized before downloading the course? This would also explain some of the "corrupted courses"-issues.

Rem: Don't kill me, if i'm completely wrong....  ;)

Additional observation:
Just realised that "Layout -> # of holes" is set to 1, but the course has 18 holes, maybe this parameter is not only used for generating, but also for initializing when loading a course?
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