Bad FPS rate on new update

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« Reply #30 on: December 20, 2014, 08:35:04 PM »
After reading this thread, I decided the first course I would try would be one that has been unplayable for me in the past - Ross Hollow.  jcauthen, you have mentioned this as a problem course as well.  I really thought I would only play one or two holes, experience the same choppiness, and quit.  But no, the course played buttery smooth for me, and I ended up playing the whole thing.  Beautiful!  The putting seemed exceptionally smooth, and really added to my feel.  I have to brave the mall crowds, and go xmas shopping, so I haven't played another course yet - but if Ross Hollow plays this good for me, I can't wait to play other courses.

Being pressed for time before coming to work tonight, I did play two holes at Ross Hollow on the XB1 today.  It seemed just a bit smoother, on the first tee, where I've always noted a problem just making a swing that resulted in contact.  I still had to slow the swing down to make contact, but it didn't require as deliberate an effort.  I stuck my approach shot to 1 foot so it was had to gauge the putting.  Then on #2, I holed a chip shot from off the green so I didn't get a real putting chance there either.

For me it was just enough to say... 'yeah, I see an improvement', but honestly, I wouldn't want to play the course again with what I experienced on the tee and approach shots at Ross Hollow.  I have the same problem, at TGC@ Gull Island Bird Sanctuary on the XB1 (and PS4) with slow frame rates... perhaps even slower than Ross Hollow.  I realize I'm harder than most when it comes to tolerating slow frame rates, but when I play courses like  TGC Players' Club at Shawnee Creek, that are seemingly pretty well trimmed out with objects, and it plays at frame rates that feel like they're consistently staying above 30 fps, I get spoiled and want to have that experience on every course.  I shouldn't have to fundamentally change my swing based on the course I playing.

I'm really curious to see what the official response to these frame rate reports is going to be... because it's nothing like the 'doubled' frame rates that were reportedly seen on both consoles in the November 27th Developer Diary.  Whatever it is, it will probably be another update before it could be fixed though... I can't imagine that a server side fix getting us to that level of performance, but I'd be prepared to eat crow if it could! :D
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« Reply #31 on: December 21, 2014, 12:33:04 PM »
After seeing the size of the update for XB1 (3G) being double that of the PS4 (1.5G) version, I really thought is was because the XB1 had more work done on it performance wise.  Now I scratch my head, thinking, why was the XB1 download twice the size as the PS4's?  I'm really not sure.  Maybe there were more bug issues on the XB1?  But twice the size more?
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« Reply #32 on: December 27, 2014, 04:52:46 AM »
I see a vast inprovement with fps on the xb1. Just try Haunted Forest & Kodiak Reserve (not lite) to see the differnce with the former is playable now without getting a headache after playing which happened before UPDATE 2.


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« Reply #33 on: December 28, 2014, 10:23:14 AM »
As I mentioned in a previous post, I am still experiencing the graphic issues that I had before the update. The thing that really puzzles me is that I can play a lot of the new games and some old ones on Ultra or High settings without any glitches or FPS hits, I play ARMA3 on Ultra and that is playable and I can get between 30-50 FPS. I even reloaded CRYSIS and I can get around 30-60 FPS with that. Shadow of Modor, GRID Autosport, NBA 2015, Sniper Elite 3, all around the same mark with no distortion or issues. I am not changing my ATI card just for this game.
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