Course Creator Official FAQ

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« on: June 24, 2014, 09:39:11 AM »
Can I start a course from scratch or do I always have to auto generate one?
Yes, you can start from scratch and place holes one by one.

Can I edit the Auto-Generated Courses?

Can the bunkers be shaped both in height/depth, and also size?
Yes.  There are several tools to adjust height, depth, and shape.  Any shape can be achieved by combining brushes. 

Can I adjust the green speeds?

How about slope?
Yes, you can adjust the slope of the greens too.

Can you add/subtract more trees, sand, water, etc. from specific holes?
Yes.  You can place all these individually, or let the generator do it for you.

Is there a maximum limit for elevation changes when using the course creator?
There is a limit, but it is pretty darn high!

Will we see more themes added post release?
Yes.  The game will release with five initial themes; (Rural, Alpine, Autumn, Desert, and Links), but we have plenty of ideas in our heads for added themes after release.

Can I create a thumbnail of my course (preview pic)?
Yes, You can fly around in camera mode and take a snapshot to select the preview picture for your course.

Can I design a course on the PC or PS4 and have my friend download it on their Xbox One (and vice-verse)?
We are working with Sony and Microsoft at the moment to make this happened.  This is not confirmed yet, but, we are hopeful the answer will be yes.

Will I be able to select wind speeds for my created courses?
No, not at the moment. To some degree, themes will dictate the wind.  For example, Links courses have higher winds, on average, than the Alpine courses.  That being said, wind can change with each round played.

Is there dynamic lighting and weather?
You will be able to set the Inclination, Orientation, and Time of Day when creating a course.  Then, when being played, there is progressive sun movement, and all the lighting and clouds are dynamic.

Can I set whether effect in the game, such as rain, fog, or even snow?
Not at launch.  Though this is something we are considering.

Is there a fixed amount of courses you can save on your game?
No.  The courses are designed to take up a small amount of space, so you'll be able to create lots of them. 

Can I change the direction of the holes?
You can pick up an hole and rotate it, or just move the tee/green around freely.

Will the Course Creator allow for multiple pin placements?
Not at launch.  It is something we are considering, however, but it but presents challenges when playing against Ghost Balls.  We will be looking at this as a possibility after launch.

Is there going to be a web based course browser?
Not at launch.  However, it is something we are interested in and will look at as time allows.

Can someone edit my creation and claim it as their own?
No.  The only one who can edit your course is you.  However, doing so means you will have to release a new version of the course (leaving the old one still available).  So we highly recommend not releasing a course until you are confident it is finished.

Can we do Co-op course building?
At this time, co-op course building is not available. But, it is something we would like to add in the future.

Can I add cart paths?
Not at the moment, but you will be able to in the future.

Can I add bridges over water?

Can I add things like benches, ball washers, and signs?

How about buildings, like restrooms and clubhouses?

Is there wildlife to add on the courses?
Quite a bit actually.  You can add deer, eagles, rabbits, ducks, swans, and even wolves and crocodiles (and much more)!

Can you make an Island Green?

Will there be a preview hole flyover for every hole on the course?
Yeah, there is a skippable flyover on each hole, as well as a flyover of the entire course that shows when you've selected a course, before you start your round.

When creating, how does the creator find out yardage to bunkers, hazards etc?
When moving the editing cursor around a hole, the yardage to the tee and to the green are both displayed in real-time.

I noticed that during your video for randomly generated course development that the greens and bunkers all had a sameness. The greens as an example all seemed to be perfect ovals. Just how detailed are the editing tools?
Both the greens and the bunkers can be edited and modified to achieve whatever shapes you want.  There will be brushes of various shapes that you can re-size to adjust the shape of the greens and bunkers that show up when you initially place the hole. This should allow you to create any shape of a green or bunker that you would see in the real world (and even ones you wouldn't).

Will we be able to create outlandish courses with ridiculous drops or fantasy courses?
You can absolutely create fantasy courses with any manner of ridiculousness (we have already seen some pretty creative stuff).

Can we create 2 holes that share the same Fairway?

Can we create 2 holes that share the same Green?
Two holes?  We have already seen a couple of “courses” that have all 18 holes sharing one green.  So...yes.

Be sure to check out this link for all of the Official Course Creator Tutorial videos for even more answers to your questions!