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« on: March 25, 2015, 11:35:13 PM »
Hello HB Staff,

     Always been a big supporter of what you do and the wonderful game you call "The Golf Club". Well we all call it that now don't we. Hope all is well back at camp. Some of these ideas may have been suggested but I thought a renewed look might be worth it. Sorry if this is on the list as I didn't check and even if it is it's worth revisiting I think.

    The loft/fade box. Initially you released this box without numbers there was just a grid. I'm one of those that thought this was great for the game but I was in the minority so it was changed. I'ts all good. I don't use much math when I play. I still ignore the numbers mostly and play using the grid and memory and experience. So any player can actually do that. It becomes more of an issue when many of your customers are trying to create different tour and tournament with differing conditions of difficulty and modes of play.
     How difficult would it be to give players and tournament tour creators the option to switch the Loft/Fade box to just the two centering (Horizontal and Vertical) lines and that's it. Kind of like an empty graph chart in math? If it would not be too difficult it would be well worth looking into to create more play options within the game. Almost always a good thing.
     Secondly you have a wonderful option in the "Display menu that allows a player to set the scout cam to "Greens" only. This is an excellent way to increase the difficulty of the game without being too overbearing and it makes more sense than turning the scout cam off completely (this should remain an option of course) as you can always look at the green on the approach and see where you might want to land the ball. But takes away the "Landing Area" cam for all other shots. Especially since you are fixing the PC exploit.
     How difficult would it be to be able to force this display setting when creating tournaments and tours? Again well worth looking into if it's not too difficult as it adds options for the tournament and tour creators and gives them a different mode of play. Which again is almost always a good thing.

Well that's all I have for now. I hope the new update is received positively by many.

Thanks for listening as always and give my regards to HB_LorinB if he ever stops by the offices,

-StoneComet :D
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