Option to disable Shot Modifaction

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« on: March 27, 2015, 12:01:24 PM »
This is a great way to play to make scoring a bit more realistic without having to turn off aids. Not being able to dial in distances makes you pay more attention to course management. Like laying up to set distances and where you want to leave yourself on approach shots playing long or short of the flag. Pitch and flop shots are easily played using partial swings but more of a challenge to get close.

I love playing this way but would be nice if you had the option to set up a tournament where you could force this method of play.

I would like to see HB fine tune the swing mechanics so it was easier to control the length of the backswing. For full shots to get those in between distances you need to be able to hit shots in the upper 90% range, hard to do as is. The pitching could benefit with a little fine tuning to help give you a better feel and control for distance and speed also.

Is there anyone else that plays the game this way? If not you should give it a try, especially those looking for a more realistic sim style of play.
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