The Golf Club VR

The Golf Club VR

by hb-studios

The Golf Club VR is HB Studios first step into Virtual Reality by bringing the award winning PC and Console game The Golf Club to the HTC Vive. Taking advantage of the stunning visual presentation and course library available from the original game, The Golf Club VR takes you into the game of golf like no other video game has before. Virtual reality allows you to experience the immersive environments and sounds for The Golf Club in the comfort of your home all while having complete control over the experience.


Complete Control

Forget thumb stick inputs and animations.

Every movement completed in The Golf Club VR is tracked 1:1 via the HTC Vive headset and controller. This gives the user complete control of their golf swing and gives a true feeling of gratification when hitting that perfect drive down the middle of the fairway.



4 skill levels to master.

With four swing difficulty settings The Golf Club VR opens golf to users of all skill levels and experience with the sport. The transition between difficulties is smooth allowing the familiarization of the controls along the way to Pro.

To help the progression you can analyze each shot with the shot analyzer. Break down each swing, displaying a 3d render of the club head at impact with the ball and the path it traveled. Additionally you can look at your in-game watch to break down distance traveled, swing speed, accuracy, ball path, and contact quality. All of these metrics are lumped together to grade each shot helping you identify where you need to improve.

Full Immersion

Virtual Reality has allowed us to put users on the amazing golf courses from The Golf Club. With the visual presentation of the original game the only thing missing is the smell of fresh cut grass and the bug bites. Visuals were only half the battle though. In The Golf Club VR we have completely overhauled the audio and implement 3D sound effects to pull the user in on another level. The sound of that perfect drive, pulling a divot, walking through the rough, digging out of the sand, the crickets signing and a lawn mower in the distance you can get the complete feeling of being at the golf course without leaving home.


Instant Gameplay

No loading times between holes means you are straight back on the tee after sinking your putt on the previous green. Minimal loading times between courses and holes allow you to enjoy a quick round when you have a half hour to burn.

Published Date
November 4, 2016