MLB Home Run Derby was HB Studios’ inaugural project with the Advanced Media division of Major League Baseball (MLBAM). First released to coincide with the 2013 Home Run Derby held at the Mets’ home stadium, the game features a meticulous recreation of Citi Field in New York. The stadium played host to millions of rounds spread across the true-to-life Authentic Mode, fast-paced Arcade Mode, and suspense-filled Online Mode. The game features high quality expertly-animated 3D models for each player in the 2013 derby roster, as well as players from the previous three years, optimized for iOS & Android devices.


Authentic Singleplayer

Swing for the fences and advance through the rounds.

Participate in the MLB Home Run Derby against a full roster of challenging AI opponents. Swing for the fences and advance through the rounds to be crowned Home Run Derby Champion. Finish in the winner’s circle to earn MLBucks used for unlocking new players, or high-level gear. The mode remains authentic with up-to-date rules and derby format added as they evolve in the real-world counterpart each year.


Arcade Mode

Hit some homers in this timed fantasy mode.

Take a break from the pressure of the authentic event to hit some homers in this timed fantasy mode. Race the clock by hitting home-runs to earn back precious seconds on your timer. Collect points for distance, and rack up bonus multipliers by aiming for bullseye targets in the outfield. Build up a high-score to earn Coins useful for buying power-up boosts, new gear, or more chances in the Derby.


MLB.com Home Run Derby

The MLB.com Home Run Derby 2014 Update arrived after a year of hard work and collaboration between HB Studios and MLBAM. Released just before the 2014 Home Run Derby, held at Target Field in Minnesota, the Update saw the addition of the 2014 host stadium and roster, engaging objectives for Arcade Mode, and a massive Online Mode overhaul bringing in support for 8-player slug-fests. Using updates rather than releasing a new version allowed existing players to carry over their progress from the engrossing free-to-play economy of the 2013 game. We kept the idea of “games as service” and the Content Management System (CMS) became a core tool in the 2014 update.

With this system in place, MLBAM was now able to tune and add additional content to the game without requiring a new build or certification. Thanks to the solid foundation of the existing title and the CMS, MLB.com Home Run Derby is now a sustainable platform that the client can manage on their own, and their story continues. In May of 2015, MLBAM launched the 2015 update, releasing the latest derby stadium to the game, and preparing for the announcement of the 2015 Home Run Derby roster in the summer.

Arcade Objectives (added in the 2014 update)

Complete one-off and cumulative challenges during your Arcade Mode bouts to earn extra coins and MLBucks. Each stadium has its own set of revolving objectives that have you racking up frequent flyer miles with your home runs, setting your home run cross-hairs on familiar landmarks, and more.

Online Mode

Challenge yourself against real-life opponents in this asynchronous online mode. Show your true mettle and snatch the victory and the spoils from your opponent’s grip.

8-Player Online (added in the 2014 update)
In a massive leap forward from the original head-to-head Online Mode, the 2014 Update introduced 8-player multiplayer. This overhaul to the online multiplayer system allows millions of players to recreate the authentic 2014 Home Run Derby experience with other Home Run Derby fans, pulling out all the stops to reach that top spot.

Free to Play

A free-to-play title means everyone can get into the spirit of the Home Run Derby and play along throughout the festivities. The more avid fans are free to make in-app purchases of MLBucks and Coins to use in the in-game store.

Power-up Boosts
Boost effects include the ability to increase your contact and strength with a Super Bat Boost, Double or Triple your earnings with a Coin Multiplier, or get a read on incoming pitches with Eagle Eye.

Up your game with upgraded bats, gloves and cleats. Upgrading to more advanced gear provides permanent boosts to Power and Contact, giving you the tools you need to consistently top the leaderboards.

Start the game by choosing one of the starting players from the available rosters. As you earn more MLBucks, unlock more of your favorite players from the current year’s Derby roster, or from any roster dating back to 2010.

The game includes an authentic version of a stadium for each year of its release. With each yearly update the host stadium is lovingly re-created and provided to players for free. Nostalgic fans may choose to retain access to previous years’ stadia through a small in-app purchase.

Content Management System

Released in conjunction with the 2014 Update, the Content Management System (CMS) is an invaluable tool that drives the continued support of MLB.com Home Run Derby. This server-side developer service allows MLBAM to react swiftly to changes in the game’s ecosystem, a necessity in today’s mobile game market. The team can tune player and gear stats, adjust in-game store prices, or even add entirely new players to reflect last-minute roster changes. CMS features the full suite needed to maintain MLB Home Run Derby, and keep it moving into the future.



Published Date
June 26, 2015